Rubic Weekly Report 06/11

It’s that time again for our Weekly Update!


1.UI Development and Release Date Updates

Last week, we showed our community the first mock-ups of Rubic’s new UI. We have updated these mock-ups and just about every member of the dev team is actively working on implementing the new UI/UX.

Planned Released Date: June 18th

2. SushiSwap integration

The integration of SushiSwap for the Polygon and Ethereum networks has been rescheduled to make way for focused development on the new UI/UX.
Planned Released Date: June 24th

3. MoonPay

The integration of MoonPay fiat-on-ramp will be implemented by the end of June. This feature will allow users to easily convert their fiat into cryptocurrency, directly on our platform.

Planned Release Date: June 30th

4. BSC <-> Polygon Bridge

The construction of the BSC-Polygon bridge is roughly 60% complete. We’ll release this feature shortly after updating the exchange to the new UI/UX.

Planned Release Date: June 23rd

5. Matic Tap

Yesterday, we released our MATIC Crypto Tap, which will allow any user to easily start trading on the Polygon network!

With this new feature, we also updated our fees for the Crypto Tap. This change will allow holders of RBC to receive up to a 50% discount for using RBC with our Crypto Tap feature.

You can read more here:

6. Cross-Chain Routing

Our development team completed their preliminary research and started working on the logic of an element of the Custom Cross-Chain Routing system.
This ground-breaking feature will eventually enable users to easily complete swaps with any two tokens, on any connected networks, with the simple click of a button.


1.This week, we held our second Telegram Voice Chat segment. Collin O’Brien talked to our community and talked about the main points of our Weekly Update. This event, by Collin O’Brien, will continue to be held on a weekly basis. Thank you for asking your questions and participating! Please feel free to DM Collin on Telegram (@CollinOBrien) with any “deep-dive” questions you may have, and he will do his best to answer some of them in the next Voice Chat.

2. Since our team is constantly working to improve the overall experience for traders and investors in the crypto industry, we continue to propose Rubic’s Relay Widget to different projects.

We are currently working with 4 projects that will add our Rubic Relay widget to their websites in the next few weeks, and we are in touch with even more crypto projects for the same purpose. Rubic’s aim is to make the process of trading tokens more comfortable for everyone.

The Rubic Relay integrations will raise awareness of Rubic among those who are not yet acquainted with our platform. We will continue to be active in our cross-marketing activities as well. We’ll keep you informed about any new partnerships and Rubic Relay widget integrations!

3. This week, we expanded our partnership with Polygon through a new collaborative feature, our MATIC Tap. Cross-marketing activities are an essential part of Rubic’s work on increasing its user base. We have even more collaborations coming up.

4.As you know, WalletConnect is already live on the Rubic platform, as Rubic continues to unite users of different services. This week, in collaboration with WalletConnect, we made 70 more wallets compatible with our platform.

5. The latest regulations on cryptocurrency in China won’t touch our Chinese customers. We are continuing to reach new audiences in one of the most important countries for cryptocurrency.

We’ve created a marketing campaign for the Chinese crypto community which will allow us to significantly increase our user base. This campaign will start, in earnest, in July. As soon as the new UI is released and fully completed.

6. Rubic supports transparency in all of its activities. This week we released the first in a series of short-videos, that will help personalize our team members. This first episode was about one of our team members — Iliana. Next week, we’ll have an interview with one of our experienced developers. We want to thank you for your feedback! Please, rest assured that we took into account every comment you made!

Since we plan to release these videos every week, they’ll be more interesting and much more informative moving forward.

7. This week, we submitted requests to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for Rubic to be listed as an exchange. Since the trading volume of Rubic is growing and we want it to be visible, it’s a necessary step for Rubic to be listed on such platforms such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. This will allow people to easily find us, and also to track the trading volume of our platform.
We’ll inform our community when we’re officially listed.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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