Rubic Weekly Report 06/04

Here is our weekly update!


  1. xDai

This week we are continuing our work of accomplishing our main goal- uniting all blockchains users in one place.

Today we have successfully implemented a cross-chain solution between the xDai and Ethereum networks.

The bridge allows for the transfer of DAI tokens to the xDai network, which features nearly zero fees, stable-based transactions and fast transaction speeds.

You can read more here:

2. WalletConnect

Rubiс has successfully integrated WalletConnect

Thanks to the integration users will have direct access to the Rubic platform using more than 70 wallets.

Read more here:

We will continue to add more wallets to the Platform. Stay tuned!

3. Sushiswap

Rubic provides the best rates across all the DEXes and that’s why we need to on-board all of the biggest players in DeFi. Please welcome Sushiswap: In the first stage we will add SushiSwap for only for Ethereum network, the second stage will also include the Polygon network.

Release date: 11th of June.

4. Matic Tap

After adding the feature of being able to purchase BNB without KYC, we intend to integrate additional cryptocurrencies. The “Matic Tap” for Polygon is about 90% complete at this point. We are finalizing it right now.

Planned release date: June 10th

5. MoonPay

We have started working on the integration of a fiat on-ramp to the Rubic platform. After researching our options, we have decided to implement MoonPay as our first fiat on-ramp.

We are in contact with the MoonPay team and we will give you updates on this integration in our future weekly updates.

6. UI update

We have successfully completed the Simple UI update (Stage 1). Now, our users can choose slippage and easily write decimals in our UI.

The next step is the first major update of our UI. We will continue to work on creating the best design for our platform, and today we are happy to share preliminary mockups of our UI.

7. Anonymizer

1. Smart contracts and autotests development is completed

2. CLI — continue working on integration tests

3. Working on UI / UX to get started with frontend development


  1. This week we started our partnership newsletter campaign. This allows us to increase weekly visits to the platform by up to 240% and share information about Rubic with more than 50,000 people.

We will continue doing newsletter campaigns later this month!

2. This week we continued our digital Ad campaign on a CoinGecko. Next week we are planning to extend it to even more websites with our new banner.

3.Today was the first voice chat session in which we discussed our weekly update and answered questions of our community. The host of this chat is Collin and we are planning to continue creating weekly Friday chats with our community. We will announce the time for our weekly voice chat throughout the week so we gain a bigger audience for next week’s session.

See you there next week!

4. This week, we announced the results of our first Rubic Trading Lottery.

You can find the video with Alexandra and the results of the Lottery here:

5.This Monday, we officially started our Second Staking Liquidity Campaign. After August 30th, users will get +20% in RBC for keeping their RBC staked for the entire duration of the liquidity campaign.

You can read the rules of the campaign here:

6. We are happy to announce that Rubic’s iFrame Widget has already been integrated to the MyWish platform! Now it is easy to make trades directly on their website.

Purchasing Wish tokens has never been easier. Though, this is only the beginning! We hope other platforms will integrate the widget in the near future!

That is one of the various options for the appearance of Rubic’s iFrame widget. It is also possible to have it in a Dark Mode theme, or even different sizes.

7. Even more, people are joining our community and sharing news about us on social media! We would like to thank everyone who is sharing news about our platform!

The help of our community allowed us to increase the number of our followers by 250 people!

8.New partnerships are coming! Today, we have created a new partnership with the xDai platform. The bridge we are building together will help users transfer DAI tokens on the Ethereum network over to the xDai network.

The advantages of the xDai network are worth mentioning: low GAS fees, stable-based transactions, and high speed transactions.

As you know, has already integrated multiple blockchains for cross-chain solutions on its platform. Now, having xDai as a partner, we have increased the number of blockchains we support for cross-chain swaps.

9.This week we had one more YouTuber telling the world about Rubic! Alexandrus released a video where he claims that Rubic is a revolutionary DeFi project with a lot of potential, and we can’t help but agree with him!

Alexandrus made a full review of, so if you are new to our platform, you are welcome to watch it!

10. China is one of the most important countries for crypto projects. That is why we continue to inform our Chinese community about all our news and updates. This enables us to grow our Chinese audience on the Rubic platform.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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