Rubic Weekly Report 05/27/22


1. Upcoming Symbiosis Integration

2. Rubic’s Protocol Improvements

Last week, our development team finished the integration of the Celer Inter-chain Message Framework to facilitate cross-chain swapping of tokens. This time, we finished the implementation of Celer IM in our SDK solution. This will be outstanding for our SDK solution, and will help our partners to build cross-chain-native dApps with efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states.

3. Liquidity Providing Program

One more important thing is that Round 1 of our Liquidity Providing Program is still Live! It is open to all users, with an APR of 27%. The first users are already participating and getting rewards every day, so you can start adding liquidity directly on Rubic right away via


1. During this week, we launched our own TikTok account. Feel free to subscribe, like and comment on our first batch of videos. Also, you can send to our Telegram group your best ideas for our TikTok with the hashtag #RubicTT.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!



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