Rubic Weekly Report 05/21

Here is our weekly update!


1.Rubic’s New Designs

In our latest roadmap update, we mentioned that there will be several versions of the new UI; a transition which consists of 3 stages.

The first stage of the UI, the Simple Update, will be held in May. During this stage, we will implement token balance info, token sorting, slippage features, as well as the Max button.

During the second stage, we will rework the existing UI for the most-used features; instant trades for example.

During the third stage, we will finalize UI changes including all of the Rubic functionality.

2. BNB Faucet Release

Rubic is a multichain platform, and we know how difficult it is for US-based BSC users, for example, to get their network’s native currency so they can operate within the BSC network. To solve this issue, we will release our first “faucet” for Binance Smart Chain on Monday, May 24th.

3. SWAP Widget

We have completed the development and updates for the SWAP Widget design to make it more flexible and convenient to use.

Here are the updated instructions with query params descriptions:

4. Instant Trades Table

We have released an instant trades table that will allow users to track all the instant trade deals across all of the DEXs.

5. BSC Limit Orders

We have completed BSC limit orders development, checked it in the testnet and have started testing in the mainnet. Planned release date: May 25th.

6. Anonymizer

1. Relayer — соmpleted unit tests for creating wallet deposit functions; working on tests for other functions and integration tests.

2. Relayer — completed configuration for containerized deployment.

3. Solidity contracts — writing tests for swap function; work on unit tests almost finished.

4. CLI — working on the drop wallet function, debugging, and polishing other functionalities.


  1. Yesterday we released an updated Roadmap for the summer and Q3. You can find it here —

We have seen that it has gotten a lot of questions from members of our community and we would like to answer all of them. Next week we will record an extended video for our community where we’ll answer all of your questions related to the new roadmap, and share our thoughts about the development of the platform.

2. Today we have updated our Whitepaper and One-Pager!

You can find them here: o

3. Last Wednesday, we started our first round of Governance voting!

During this voting period, holders of RBC and BRBC will be able to choose a network in which they would like the next Liquidity staking campaign to be held!
Currently, 87 holders have successfully voted and Ethereum is in the lead.
Use your vote to choose the network for our next Liquidity Campaign here:

4. Yesterday we announced the Rubic Trading Lottery!

Rubic offers our customers the best rates on the market for their crypto purchases, and our goal is to attract more users to our exchange so that they can test it for themselves. We know that when people use our exchange, they love the benefits they receive from using it!

During this lottery, we will be randomly rewarding users who have completed any trade or swap using during the event period, and who have also retweeted our lottery announcement. Greatly increase your chances to win by making more trades!

You can read more here:

5. As you know, we are always working on developing our other communities. All of our new releases were shared with the Chinese community this week.

6. This week, the marketing team has been finishing the last steps toward our complex marketing campaign to introduce Rubic to a bigger audience. We think that this campaign will increase the number of users and create the attention that our platform deserves.

7. Today we want to present to you our new team member — Iliana Vasileva. She will be helping us with customer support and Q/A.

Making sure we are always listening to and taking care of our community is an absolute top priority, and since our platform is showing significant growth in its users, we are adding even more people to our support team.

As we continue to develop our platform at this stage, we’d like to introduce our new business developer — Sven Michael. He will be responsible for new partnerships. So more blockchains and bridges will come to Rubic soon!

You can also now find all new members of the team at

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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