Rubic Weekly Report 05/18/2023

5 min readMay 18


Greetings, Rubicans! Another week unfolds at Rubic as we continue our tireless efforts to elevate your crypto experience and offer you a platform with the smoothest trades. This week, we are thrilled to unveil another round of promotions in collaboration with zkSync Era. On the development front, our team has been working hard to enhance the Rubic ecosystem. Let’s dive in!


  1. SyncSwap Integration

Rubic has teamed up with SyncSwap to bring you a seamless integration as an On-Chain Provider for the zkSync Era network!

Also, our project has just been integrated as one of the zkSyncEra bridges on SyncSwap! This is a great milestone for us and we’re very happy to be a part of the zkSync ecosystem. Thank you, SyncSwap, for the opportunity!

Finally, we’re going even further by adding 1inch as a provider and XY Finance as a cross-chain provider on zkSync Era, along with Symbiosis & Multichain, further enhancing the capabilities of our ecosystem.

2. Staking 2023

Rubicans! The Rubic Staking Program is launching soon on the Arbitrum Network, offering rewards in native Arbitrum ETH tokens for staking RBC, including your SwapToEarn RBC tokens.

Staking periods range from 3 to 12 months, and the total staking pool is uncapped, offering a projected APR of up to 7–15% in native Arbitrum ETH, funded by the allocation of 50% of Rubic’s earned fees.

To participate in staking, you’ll need to bridge your RBC from Ethereum to Arbitrum using the official Arbitrum bridge. RBC earned in the SwapToEarn program can also be staked. To do so, you’ll need to claim them first — it’ll also be possible on Arbitrum!

3. Fiat On-Ramp Update

Our dedicated development team is in the final stages of updating Rubic’s fiat on-ramp, bringing you an enhanced and seamless experience. We’re thrilled to announce that, following successful testing, we’ll soon be releasing a brand new version of Rubic’s fiat on-ramp solution.

We understand the importance of having a convenient and efficient way to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. With this update, we’re taking our commitment for user-friendly onboarding to the next level. The new version of Rubic’s fiat on-ramp will simplify the process even further, making it easier than ever to jumpstart your crypto journey.

ETA: May 21st-22nd


  1. The New Rubic Galxe Campaign on zkSync Era

Yesterday, we launched Wave 2 of promotions on the popular zkSync Era network. We’re pleased to be partnering with Galxe to offer Rubicans the best-possible experience on zkSync, along with gas refunds for your swaps TO and ON zkSync Era!

Participating in the Rubic x Galxe campaign is an excellent opportunity to enhance your wallet’s interaction with 6 partnering protocols on zkSync Era, and be eligible for potential airdrops — along with receiving gas refunds for your swaps to and on zkSync Era.

zkSync Era is the next big Ethereum Layer 2 project that everyone is buzzing about. Our team has conducted a thorough analysis of the zkSync Era ecosystem and its live projects, putting together a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the full potential of the new network, and covering the universal steps you need to follow to qualify for potential future airdrops. Read our article “Unlocking the Potential of zkSync Era: A Comprehensive Guide to Airdrop Opportunities”.

Promotion Rules

​​Between May 17th (starting 13:00 UTC) and May 31st 2023, users who perform cross-chain swaps to zkSync Era and on-chain swaps on zkSync Era with SyncSwap on Rubic, will receive gas refunds and unique Galxe NFTs on zkSync Era!

Get these NTFs to receive refunds from any chain to/on zkSync Era, with a limit of $20 for Ethereum, and for 3 swaps in total per wallet. They will be in RBC tokens and added to your SwapToEarn program account on Rubic. The total limit for refunds is $10,000.

Explore the full rules here: Rubic Refunds Gas Fees For Swaps To And On ZkSync Era!

2. Rubic Among Top Bridges for zkSync Era

Rubic is absolutely thrilled to be recognized as one of the top 10 bridges on zkSync!

We’re all about staying ahead of the game and keeping up with the ever-evolving crypto landscape. That’s why we’ve been putting a lot of focus on Layer 2 networks, and it’s awesome to see that our efforts are paying off.

3. TON Upcoming Campaign

Rubic will participate in the TON DeFi month which is coming soon, and is proud to support the development of the TON ecosystem.

During the promotion period, all users who complete swaps to the TON network will receive an amazing 100% extra S2E RBC tokens for their swaps! In other words, you will receive 200 RBC for the 1st cross-chain swap into TON, and 100 RBC for all the subsequent swaps respectively.

With our SwapToEarn loyalty program, you can earn RBC tokens by simply trading one cryptocurrency for another!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to earn extra tokens while trading on Join Rubic’s SwapToEarn campaign now and start earning tokens today!

Learn more about the innovative SwapToEarn program in our latest Medium post:

4. New SDK Integration

The philosophy is all about capital efficiency and sustainable yields, and they believe that a project is only as strong as its ecosystem. They don’t believe in taking shortcuts by forking existing code like many other projects out there. BNB stands for “Build and Build” — and that’s exactly what stands for. They’re here to push the boundaries of what’s possible in DeFi and bring new concepts to the table that can truly change the game.




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