Rubic Weekly Report 05/11/2023

7 min readMay 11, 2023

Greetings, Rubicans! We’ve had an eventful week at Rubic, striving to enhance your crypto experience and provide as seamless a platform as possible. Discover what we’ve accomplished this week in marketing and development!


  1. Staking 2023

Improving RBC’s token utility, we will launch a new round of staking on the Arbitrum network in June 2023!

Rewards will be paid in ETH tokens on Arbitrum and funded by sharing the fees earned by We expect up to 7–15% APY in ETH. The APY is not static and will depend on the pool share, ARBC amount, token price, Rubic’s revenue, and staking period.

You will be able to stake your tokens for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, APR increases depending on the length of the staking period. For example, the users who staked their assets for 6 months will get more revenue in 3 months, than the users who staked for only a 3-month period.

To participate in staking, you’ll need to bridge your RBC from Ethereum to Arbitrum using the official Arbitrum bridge. RBC earned in the Swap to Earn program can also be staked. To do so, you’ll need to claim them first — it’ll also be possible on Arbitrum!

In the future, we also plan to implement buybacks and burns!

2. RBC Token on Arbitrum

We are excited to announce the future launch of the RBC token on Arbitrum. Claiming your #SwapToEarn rewards will be easier!

3. New Providers on zkSync Era

We are currently working on integrating several new providers for zkSync Era! In the coming weeks, we will be integrating SyncSwap and 1Inch on zkSync Era, for on-chain swaps. XY Finance will be added as a cross-chain provider for zkSync Era, in addition to Symbiosis and Multichain.

Our team is dedicated to making your interaction with our platform as convenient as possible, providing you with the best possible tool for cross-chain swaps between zkSync Era and 60+ integrated networks. We can’t wait to bring these new providers on board and offer our users an even better experience with our platform!

4. Fiat On-Ramp Update

Great news! Our development team is currently completing the next update for our fiat on-ramp, which will simplify the token purchasing process on our platform.

Presently, users have to complete two steps — buy a native cryptocurrency for fiat and transfer it to their desired tokens.

But with our coming update, users will be able to purchase tokens directly with fiat currency in certain cases, bypassing the second step altogether. This update will significantly enhance the convenience and accessibility of our platform, making it easier for users to buy tokens without any extra hassle.

ETA: May 15th-16th


  1. New Rubic Galxe Campaign on zkSync Era

After the massive success of the previous zkSync Era Galxe campaign with Symbiosis and, Rubic is launching Wave 2 of promotions on the popular zkSync Era network starting from May 15th. We’re pleased to be partnering with Galxe once again to offer Rubicans the best possible experience on zkSync Era, along with gas refunds for your swaps TO and ON zkSync Era!

Our mission at Rubic is to provide our community with the best-possible service and opportunities, and this partnership with Galxe is a great example of that. We are confident that this collaboration will unlock the full potential of zkSync Era and offer new opportunities for our community to grow and thrive.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming campaign, and be ready to embark on this exciting journey with Rubic and Galxe. Get ready to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the power of zkSync Era and the benefits of being part of the Rubic community!

  1. Rubic, Symbiosis, and Campaign on zkSync Era

The zkSync Era campaign has ended with an impressive 19K+ NFTs minted! We also saw 11K+ on-chain & cross-chain swaps to and from zkSyncEra on Rubic.

Our community’s participation & support were crucial to achieving these results — thank you for making the campaign a success!

Participants will receive up to 3 refunds for swaps from Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB, Avalanche, Boba, and Kava to zkSync Era, with a total limit of $5,000 refunded on the zkSync Era chain!

Additionally, the first 500 participants will receive an additional gas refund of up to $20 each for transactions from the Ethereum Network to zkSync Era (with a total limit of $10,000 refunded in RBC through Rubic’s Swap to Earn program).

We will keep you informed on when the rewards will be ready for distribution. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

  1. Swap to Earn Campaign Update

Yesterday, we updated the Swap to Earn program rewards system!

Users can still receive 100 RBC for the 1st cross-chain swap and 50 RBC for the 1st on-chain swap. However, for all subsequent swaps, we’re adjusting the rewards to 50 RBC for cross-chain & 25 RBC for on-chain swaps.

Explore the updated terms here:

  1. TON Upcoming Campaign

Rubic will participate in the TON DeFi month and is proud to support the development of the TON ecosystem.

During the promotion period, all users who complete swaps to the TON network will receive an amazing 100% extra S2E RBC tokens for their swaps! In other words, you will 200 RBC for the 1st cross-chain swap into TON, and 100 RBC for all the subsequent swaps respectively.

With our Swap to Earn loyalty program, you can earn RBC tokens simply by trading one cryptocurrency for another!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to earn extra tokens while trading on Join Rubic’s Swap to Earn campaign now and start earning tokens today!

Learn more about the innovative Swap to Earn program in our latest Medium post:

  1. Rubic’s Special AMA with Alexandra

Last week, Rubic hosted an exciting AMA session with co-founder Alexandra Korneva. You can check it out at:

Here are some highlights:

  1. We added 20+ new blockchains and are now one of the largest cross-chain aggregators, with 60+ EVM & non-EVM chains.
  2. Integrating zkSyncEra brought a 4x increase in unique daily users during the promotion. In 10 days, we had 10K+ txns to/from zkSync cross-chain & on-chain!
  3. We’ve launched our Swap to Earn program, which rewards users with “cashback” in RBC for swapping on the platform. We’ll be introducing more updates and gamification features soon!
  4. Rubic has been selected among 200+ projects to join the Astar Network & Sony incubation program. We’ve already integrated Astar into our platform and are in touch with Sony.
  5. We’ve passed a security audit with Mixbytes and have a brand new security engineer on our team.
  6. Our plans for the near future include adding a few more chains and running cross-marketing campaigns with them. Our focus will be on L2s and zk. We’re also researching cross-chain NFT bridging and messaging protocols, and planning to launch “gasless” swaps.
  7. New SDK and Widget Integration

We’ve updated our widget + SDK and now have more integrators. In April alone, we generated almost $4M in volume through our tools for dApps. The Rubic team is thrilled to witness the growing trend of projects going cross-chain with the help of our innovative cross-chain tools.

  1. HuDex

HuDex is a powerful all-in-one platform that empowers traders with multi-chain analytics, liquidity tracking, and more. With support for over 40+ chains and a range of DeFi analytics tools, our platform provides you with the insights you need to stay ahead of the game.

2. Odoge

Ordinals are quite the leap in Blockchain Technology. What once was thought to be impossible, Ordinal technology has unlocked the TRUE power of the Bitcoin Network: JPEGs and MEMECOINS!

3. Doki

The doges and inu memes have created a unique culture in the cryptocurrency space, and it seems that memecoins will continue to be associated with these memes. DOKI will continue the tradition of DOGE and SHIB to become a popular memecoin that came from the BSC side.

4. Fren Finance

Fren is a community token that celebrates friends. They launched on November 11th, 2021 and in less than 5 hours, they had over 12 million dollars of volume and over 1,900 holders.




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