Rubic Weekly Report 04/25/2024

7 min readApr 25, 2024

Welcome to Rubic’s Weekly Report! Let’s take a look at what has happened this week.


  1. ✅ X Layer Chain Integration
  2. 🚀 Gas Station Feature On Rubic
  3. 🔗 zkLink Nova Network Integration
  4. 🔍 Blockscout Integration
  5. 💳 Integration to Coin98 Wallet
  6. 🌐 Rubic x Nomis Campaign on zkSync Era


  1. X Layer Chain Integration

We’ve just integrated X Layer, a ZK-powered Layer 2, bridging the OKX & Ethereum communities.

Make on-chain swaps via XY Finance & cross-chain swaps via XY Finance & Orbiter!

X Layer has already processed 725.66K transactions! Let’s help the momentum going!

2. Gas Station Feature On Rubic

Introducing the Gas Station feature on Rubic! Now you can easily get native tokens for Gas Fees. Here’s how:

1️⃣ Visit

2️⃣ Choose a target chain, where you want to get the gas token

3️⃣ Select the source chain & token you want to swap!

4️⃣ Get Gas at the best rates!

3. zkLink Nova Network Integration

Rubic has just integrated onto the largest L3 network by TVL zkLink Nova, an Aggregated L3 powered by ZK Stack from zkSync and Nexus from zkLink.

Rubic is proud to join zkLink Nova AggParade Phase II making cross-chain swaps via Symbiosis & on-chain swaps via iZUMi.

4. Blockscout Integration

This week, our partners, Blockcscout, enabled the Swap button on ZetaChain.

Now you can seamlessly perform token swaps to, from & on Zeta Chain directly from Blockscout through Rubic’s App.

Try it now 👉

5. Staking Periods Update

Dive into the 1-month staking period with an APR of 39%!

For 9+ months, Rubic’s community has staked over 35M RBC, experiencing an impressive average APR of ~30%, reaching an ATH of up to 325%. We’ve already distributed over 122 ETH in staking rewards among our participants.



  1. Rubic x Nomis Campaign on zkSync Era

Get ready for an epic quest!

Nomis joined forces with zkSync to launch a wide ecosystem quest campaign, with Linea Voyage and Manta Journey being the closest points of reference.

Starts next Tuesday, April 30th. Join the campaign to embark on an educational adventure through the ecosystem and earn rewards at the end of the campaign.

Details coming soon!

2. New Chains Airdrop Guide

We keep sharing airdrop insights with our community!

Check out our recently integrated networks for potential #airdrop opportunities! Interact with ZKFair, MODE network & Merlin chain on Rubic with ease & increase your chances of getting potential airdrops.

1️⃣ Mode network’s Madness Campaign.

Conditions: Bridge to MODE via Rubic or other apps to earn a share of a whopping 550,000,000 $MODE tokens (that’s 5.5% of their total supply)!


2️⃣ ZKFair’s Gas Fee airdrop Program.

Conditions: Interact with ZKFair to get ZKF airdrop. All ZKF airdrops will be available for claiming after the gas fee airdrop program concludes.


3️⃣ Merlin’s Potential Airdrop.

Conditions: Interact with Merlin and various dApps in the chain’s ecosystem.


3. Messari’s Comprehensive Report on Rubic

Huge shoutout to Messari for recognizing Rubic’s potential!

We’re incredibly grateful for their insightful report and interest in our work. This is a major win for the Rubic community!

Let’s keep building amazing things together!


Or get the insights and analysis straight from the Messari Report here:

4. Coin98 Integration

We’re thrilled to announce that Rubic has been seamlessly integrated into the Coin98 Wallet! With Coin98 boasting a userbase of over 4 million users, this integration marks a significant milestone for Rubic in expanding our accessibility and reach within the crypto community.

Now, users of Coin98 Wallet can effortlessly access Rubic’s comprehensive cross-chain tech aggregator directly from their wallets. This integration not only enhances convenience for Coin98 users but also signifies Rubic’s commitment to providing seamless cross-chain solutions to a wider audience.

5. Rubic x OneID

We’ve integrated OneID’s Inspect SDK, making cross-chain interactions on Web3 a breeze. Create a Primary Name to unify your IDs & enjoy a #Web3 username & profile across platforms!

Explore now:

6. New Intract Compass Quests

Intract Сompass explorers! Rubic is an approved protocol on zkSync, Blast, Scroll, Base, Linea, & Mode Compass Campaigns!

Complete easy on-chain & social tasks & level up your XP score. To engage with our Compass quests, follow the links provided below:

Rubic on zkSync Compass:

Rubic on Scroll Compass:

Rubic on Blast Compass:

Rubic on Base Compass:

Rubic on Linea Compass:

7. Galxe Campaign On Kroma

Only 4 days left to join the Kroma Gaming-Centric campaign powered by Galxe.

This exciting collaboration will offer you:

  • Seamless on-chain and social tasks: Complete easy quests to earn rewards.
  • Unique NFTs: Claim exclusive NFTs for participating in the campaign.
  • Loads of fun: Enjoy engaging activities within the Kroma ecosystem.

To participate:

1️⃣ Complete a Cross-Chain or On-Chain swap to/on the Kroma network via Rubic.

2️⃣ Follow @CryptoRubic on Twitter.

3️⃣ Retweet the Announcement!


🔗 Stay connected, stay ahead with Rubic.

8. Merlin DeFi Early Adopters Campaign

Join us for MerlinChain Early Adopter Intract Quest which started April 16th!

At Merlin, discussions are underway regarding the distribution of $MERL rewards to the community. Participate in the campaigns to enhance your opportunities for the airdrop! Unlock Merlin’s potential with Rubic, Symbiosis, Avalon, MerlinSwap & Orbiter.


Complete Rubic’s & partner quests, earn NFTs, and prepare for liftoff!

• Cross-chain swap to/from Merlin

• On-chain swap within Merlin

• Retweet the Merlin Chain DeFi Early Adopters announcement.

Complete quests on Rubic and other partner platforms for more NFTs and increased potential airdrop odds!

9. Cookie3 Joint Campaign

Rubic x Cookie3 Campaign Powered By Galxe is Live!

Join & claim your special NFT, granting you an exclusive Discord role:

1️⃣ Complete any Cross-Chain or On-Chain swap using Rubic contracts

2️⃣ Retweet announcement

3️⃣ Subscribe to our Twitter

10. Rubic’s x Horizen EON Network Campaign On Galxe

5 days left to join our Airdrop Campain powered by Galxe!

Complete on-chain & social tasks & get a unique OAT!

Don’t miss out — join the fun now:

Here’s how to join the party!

1️⃣ Follow @horizenglobal & @CryptoRubic

2️⃣ Like/RT the announcement

3️⃣ Swap to Horizen EON Network from Avalanche or Ethereum on Rubic. List of tokens: AVAX, ETH, WBTC, WZEN, USDT, USDC, DAI, and LINK.

Learn more: (link to the article)

11. Rubic On Metis Layer 3 Quests

Metis Airdrop buzz? Don’t miss out!

Jumpstart your journey with Layer 3 quests on Metis launched by Stargate & Metis!

➡️ Swap $25 to Metis and $20+ from Metis (m.USDT / m.USDDC) on Rubic, earn points & NFTs, & activate your wallet for a potential airdrop

1️⃣Bridges Campaign —

2️⃣ Aggregators Campaign —

12. Rubic’s Layer3 Weekly Quest

Don’t miss out on our Layer3 Weekly Quest! Now with a bonus reward!

Besides XPs, you can now earn Cubes, which could be a key to a potential airdrop by Layer3! Mint CUBEs for every third transaction eligible in the weekly quest.

Your adventure begins here:

For your Streak — Layer3 weekly tasks on Layer3, initiate cross-chain swaps from any of these source chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon, then swap to any supported destination chains.

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