Rubic Weekly Report 04/16

Here is our weekly update!


1.Routing release

Today we have successfully implemented our own routing solution! Now you can easily swap any token at

Rubic’s goal: the best rates on the market. That’s why we have developed and released our own version of Routing which improves the existing routing algorithms of Uniswap and 1inch by including gas price factor.

The next version of routing will also support cross-chain swaps as potential routes.

You can read more about it here:

Chinese media already covered that big news!

2. Mobile version was updated and is fully functional now.

Here are statistics results: more than 42% of mobile users!

3. As part of the Layer2 roadmap we are working on Polygon integration. Release date: 26 April

4. IFrame is now being tested

We have completed IFrame.

Now we test it in the dev environment.

Soon users will be able to swap (buy/sell) project’s tokens without leaving the project’s site by using Rubic IFrame directly on the site.

5. API for CoinGecko is in progress

The development of API is in progress. Currently it’s ready for 65%. We plan to complete it by the end of April. API will allow us and users to see the statistics of Rubic platform and share information about our platform on Coingecko & CoinmarketCap.

6. L2 + anonymizer

  • Optimized merkle tree generation in cli application
  • Completed detection of proofs for specific commitments in merkle tree
  • Implemented making of deposit between circom and solidity files through try/catch patterns
  • Working on solution for routing on token exchange
  • Completed implemntation of Internal solidity logic for swap and withdraw functions
  • Completed coverage of internal solidity logic with unit tests


1.We are happy to introduce that now other projects can submit a request to create their own custom bridge between BSC and Ethereum networks!

After the successful implementation of Rubic bridge, our team decided to give an ability to other projects to create custom bridges for their tokens!

Next week we are planning to provide our users a promo code that will give them RBC tokens if they will help other projects to build a bridge at

You can read more here:

2.Next Friday (04/23) we will hold a live AMA session for our community. We have started collecting questions and as always we will try to answer as many questions as possible!

You can submit your questions here:

3.Today we want to thank everyone who participated in DeFi Box Airdrop!

More than 15000 people participated in it, and we hope you took your lucky chance to get a share of 5000$ in $BRBC!

4.Our communities are showing constant growth. Today we want to share with you updated numbers!

TG chat — 4530 →4575

Twitter — 4432 →4700

Youtube: 777 →783

Reddit- 1092 →1123

5.Our project is getting more attention!
Binance Smart Chain Twitter account quoted us two times this week!

6.Rubic is now available for trading on new exchanges!

Now you can trade RBC at DodoDex and Bitkan!

7.Rubic continues to reach more communities!

This week we shared a german video about Rubic!

We are happy to share this video with you!

Watch it here:


8.Chinese community is growing! Our project is getting more attention!
This week we had an AMA session for DDtalk community and our news was shared in the media!

9.Another article about Rubic was published in our Hackernoon!
In this article, you can find more information about our Full-circle platform!

You can read it here:

Thank you for your precious support!








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