Rubic Weekly Report 04/23

Here is our weekly update!


  1. Ethereum <> Polygon Bridge

We have successfully integrated the bridge to our staging server. Testing is ongoing. Planned release date: 26th of April. The next step will be Quickswap DEX integration.

2. Short Links

Now ever users can easily create their own custom link for any trading pairs they would like to! You can compare it with Uniswap or Pancake links to see the advantages.

3. Exchange widget

No need to go to Uniswap to buy a project’s token. Thanks to our widget users will be able to buy it directly on the project’s site. The first projects where it will be implemented will be MyWish and CryptoKek.

Planned release date: 30th of April

4. Instant Trades Table

Now users will be able to see all the past trades on Rubic. Across all blockchains supported.

At the moment we are finishing tests of it and integrating it to our backend. It will be released in the middle of May.

5. New wallets.

We have completed a comparison of Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Ledger wallets. That was done in order to analyze their popularity with the audience, the number of supported platforms (desktop/ios/android), the complexity of integration, the presence of bugs and problems in operation.

Based on the results, Coinbase was selected as the next wallet for the integration. Works started.

6. Anonymizer

Test net version will be launched on the 30th of April! Here are the details:

  • Finished debugging of deposit function in circom contracts
  • Started tests of creating wallet and deposit swap functions
  • Optimized Withdraw function in circom contracts, continuing integration with Solidity contracts
  • Finished unit-tests and bad case scenarios of Solidity contracts
  • CLI: Finished developing component that responsible for local saving of Merkle Tree
  • CLI: Working on the generation of parameters for operations


1.An hour ago we had an amazing AMA session. We want to thank everyone who asked us questions! We tried to answer all of them!

On Monday we will post a short summary of our AMA session! But you still can watch a record of it here:

2. А week ago we announced the launch of creating custom bridges for BSC and Ethereum networks. To support this service we have started the Rubic Referral Program.

As you know already, we will allow the creation of bridges linked with other projects and blockchains.

The Referral program will give:

- 5% discount for the project

- 10% reward (in RBC/BRBC) of the final price for bridge creation to you

In two day there are already 67 participants and all of them already got a personal promo code!

You can participate in it by filling the form here:

3. We continue our Marketing activities in China

The big article about Rubic was published in different Chinese Media.

You can read it here:

4. New members are joining our communities! Its almost 5000 followers at Twitter!

Twitter — 4700 →4812

Youtube:>783 →807

Reddit- 1124 →1176

5. We want to thank Farm space for a great article about our integration. Please spread the word and help us to attract new projects.

You can read this article here:

6. BRBC holders are growing and an increasing number of users are completing trades at BSC using

All of these help us to be listed on every overview of the BSC ecosystem!

7.Bitcoin for Beginners did a shout-out to us in his latest video!

You can watch it here:

8.We are excited to announce the Rubic Bug Bounty Program to incentivize and encourage all the community developers and security researchers that make open-source code safer

We will share more information about it next week!

Thank you for your precious support!








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