Rubic Weekly Report 04/09

Here is our weekly update!


1.BSC custom tokens and ETH custom tokens are fully supported on the Rubic platform now.

Please note that there might be a liquidity lack for any custom token due to its unpopularity. In this case please use Order Book trades instead.

2. Mobile version update

The Mobile version was updated: now it contains updated UI and UX.

Please note, that mobile Metamask support was also added (in dev mode), but not all functions are available now in the mobile version, we will continue working on it next week.

3. We have added tracking data for all RBC<>BRBC swaps. Now users can see the status in real-time. New projects which will use our bridge will get it by default.

4. Routing
Implementation of trade routing started, we will consider not only direct swap options (like RBC<>USDT), but also combined (like RBC<>ETH<>USDT) to provide the best rate taking into account gas fees.
In the first stage, our routing system will work only on PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

5. Polygon bridge integration started. We plan to complete it by 30 April.

6. Rubic IFrame implementation was started.

Next month we plan to provide an exchange widget for all projects for their sites. Users will be able to swap (buy/sell) projects tokens without leaving the project’s site.

Here is one of the latest mockups:

7. Statistics API development started, the data is needed for Coingecko & CoinmarketCap for listing in the Exchange section.

8. L2 + anonymizer

  1. Completed autotests development for main contract, now working on autotests for operational processor
  2. Merkle tree validation completed
  3. Completed design and layout for Trusted Ceremony
  4. Finished test deployment of Trusted Ceremony Setup, now working on parameters generation for the First Phase of the Ceremony


We are happy to share our plans for development for April:

This month Rubic platform already introduced: custom tokens for instant trades, updated mobile UI, and updated backend.

We have 5 main tasks for April:

  • Routing on ETH and BSC
  • Matic Bridge integration
  • Iframe and short links release
  • Mobile version
  • External Statistics API
  • Anonymizer release in test net

Stay tuned!


  1. We have successfully updated our page at the BSC scanner

Now any users can easily find our page there!

Just type Rubic!

2. Last week our founder Vladimir Tikhomirov gave a few answers for Inside Track Podcast.

In this podcast, you can find his opinion on Bitcoin, DeFi Ethereum challengers, and other topics!

You can listen to them here:

3.For the last few months, we have been collecting statistics to create the first open statistics for cross-chain swaps.
This Friday Rubic’s founder Vladimir Tikhomirov created an article for Hackernoon where he shared the stats for our cross-chain solution.
His article was mentioned in official Hackernoon twitter

You can read this article here:

4. We are continuing our marketing campaign in China. With the help of our partners soon we will make more AMA sessions and activities for our Chinese community.

5. We are also continuing to grow other Rubic’s communities! Our Turkish community already has 433 members, and we will announce more activities for them soon!

6. It’s only 3 days left until the end of the UI competition. We saw that many designers are working on it and the Rubic team are really looking forward to seeing your works!

Don’t forget, that the winner will get a prize of $1000 in $RBC and also have the opportunity to work directly with the Rubic team!

7. This week we have successfully listed 2 more projects on Rubic exchange.
These projects are Farm.Space and WowSwap

You can submit a listing request directly on Rubic exchange!

Please stay tuned for the updates!

8. Our communities continue to grow, and we are happy to share with you our updated numbers!

Holders — 6565+1846,584 + 297

TG chat — 4459 →4530

Twitter — 4285 →4432

Youtube: 770 →777

Reddit- 1057 →1092

Thank you for your precious support!








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