Rubic Weekly Report 04/02

Here is our weekly update!


1.BRBC was successfully released. Please use it via Rubic cross-chain swaps

We have implemented our smart contracts and backend scanner so BRBC and RBC can be swapped independently of Pancake platform.

2. We have integrated Pancake to trade all BSC tokens available on Pancake (including BRBC) instantly

Now users of Rubic platform can use PancakeSwap for trading!

PancakeSwap has more than 2.3 billion of liquidity and more than 500 tokens listed!

This integration will allow users to trade $BRBC directly on Rubic!

3. There are many improvements were introduced to Platform and the site, here are just some of them:

  • Reworked error messages
  • Updated volume statistics
  • Fixed several UI bugs
  • Fixed trade links for the Order book trades
  • Fixed warning messages for Order books
  • Updated Polygon icons
  • Updated links to socials
  • Fixed tokens search by name
  • Fixed MM warnings

4. Mobile mockup

We are happy to inform you that we have started Mobile version implementation. Here are the latest mockups:

5. Next week we will release swaps tracking system — users will be able to track all cross-chain swaps and get corresponding TXs.

6. Custom tokens trading

One of the most required Rubic features is custom tokens trade. Users can use it now in “dev mode” by adding a custom token in “Order book” and then back to the “Instant Trade” tab.

Next week we will update our UI to make it more convenient for custom tokens instant trades on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks:

7. L2 + Anonymizer

1.Generation of merkle tree and blockchain event scanner for cli application and frontend is completed

2. Implementation of the merkle tree’s path for frontend and cli app

3. Main contract — uniswap integration core logic completed

4. Merging of circom contracts in uniswap workflow in progress

5. Testing deployment of “Trusted Ceremony Setup” is started

6. Autotests for deposit and withdrawal functions of main contract are completed


1.This was a great week for our project.

We have successfully introduced a wrapped $RBC token — $BRBC, the total supply of which is 3.000.001 token at the moment.

And that’s not all! Rubic has completed a listing at PancakeSwap!

This is an important step for our project since we want to create the best experience for users. BSC network will allow even more users to use Rubic with low fees.

You can read more about $BRBC and Listing here:

2. We have moved 15% of Uniswap liquidity to the Pancake Swap and have locked 70% of our Uniswap liquidity until the 1st of May.

The rest 15% won’t be locked in case we need to add more liquidity to Pancake.

3.New exchanges are starting to list Rubic at their platforms! have successfully listed $RBC at their platform

Now you can trade Rubic here:

Deposit Rubic(RBC) at

Trade Rubic(RBC) in USDT market via:

Trade Rubic(RBC) in ETH market via:

4.Our numbers once again increased!

Holders — 6565+184

TG chat — 4459

Twitter — 4285

Youtube: 770

Reddit- 1057

5.More people are joining the Rubic team!

We want to present to you our new Front-end developer Vlad Poezzhaev!

6.In the latest update, we have added the Spanish language to our platform.

But it’s not the only news for the Rubic Spanish community! A new video in Spanish about Rubic was released!

You can check it here:

7.There are 3 days left until we will announce the results of the Design contest!
It’s your last chance to introduce your hoodie design idea!

And there is only one week left until the end of the UI competition!

Currently, we didn’t see any new suggestions for our UI, we are really looking forward to seeing your ideas!

If you have any questions related to the UI contest, you ask them in our discord channel in #rubic-UI-competition

8. As Rubic goes international, we are creating new communities!
The latest community was created for our friends from Turkey!

Our Turkish users have shown a lot of interest in our project lately and now we want to introduce our official Rubic Turkish community!

You can join it here:

9.We are continuing to build our communities!

Chinese community continues to grow and this week more chinese media shared news about us:

10. Now users can find a list of exchanges where $RBC and $BRBC are listed directly on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap!

Thank you for your precious support!








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