Rubic Weekly Report 03/26

Here is our weekly update!


1.Binance Smart Chain instant trades are live now! This is an important milestone for us — since we are closing the circle (ETH instant trades — Cross-chain swap — BSC instant trades). Next we will be able to create routes including cross-chain swaps inside one solution — Rubic.

Try them out here:

Please see the detailed guide here:

2. Refactoring of both frontend and backend parts is completed now and we are ready to focus on new features like external Rubic API, new partnerships, and better analytics and UI/UX. Also, header UI was reworked during the frontend part refactoring and that it is only a start.

3. Binance Wrapped Rubic is in progress. Also, we are finalizing an RBC swap implementation that will allow to exchange Ethereum RBC to the Binance Smart Chain RBC and vice versa.

Here is the latest mockup:

We plan to add the liquidity next week so that it will be possible to use it in order books and instant trades.

5. 1inch V3 integration. We have updated 1inch support and now 1inch V3 is active on the Rubic platform that means lower gas fees and more.

If you want to know more about 1inch V3 please read about it here:

6. L2+Anonymizer

  • Trusted Ceremony Setup — preparing deployment configurations for backend
  • Main contract internal logic — working on autotests and components integrations
  • Functional logic of Uniswap integration is currently in development
  • Work in progress on design and UI/UX
  • Researching integration of relayer functionality


1.This week we announced a partnership with Cryptokek to create a better user experience and functionality for both platforms!

Soon users will be able to use CryptoKek token explorer directly on! While users of CryptoKek will be able to trade through directly on their platform.

We want to thank our communities for suggesting this kind of partnership between our platforms!

Read more here:

2. China AMA and new community

Our project continues its way in China! We are ready to introduce our WeChat community! It already has almost 500 members and today we had a first AMA session for the Chinese community! Please read the transcript of the AMA here:

Also, Rubic is now discussing it across Chinese media!

Our marketing team will continue to promote Rubic to Asian markets!

3. Our project is getting more and more attention! One of the reasons why this happens- it’s our community!

This Wednesday a member of our community @CryptusTeam created a Rubic video review! And we are happy to share it with you!

Watch it here:

4.There is only one week left till the end of the Rubic Design contest! Don’t forget to submit your compositions to the #design-contest channel on our Discord server!

Today we want to share one of the submitted hoodies that was made by one of the members of our community!

5.Don’t forget that it’s only 2 weeks left until the end of the UI competition! The winner will get a prize of $1000 in $RBC. But, that’s not all! The winner will also have the opportunity to work directly with the Rubic team!

6. Today we have reached 1000 members in our Reddit community!

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Thank you for your precious support!






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