Rubic Weekly Report 03/23/2023

5 min readMar 23


Hey Rubicans, we’re getting closer and closer to the launch of Rubic’s new contracts! For now, let’s see what we’ve done this week to make your crypto experience with Rubic even better.


  1. Rubic’s New Platform Contracts

We are about to launch Rubic’s new contracts! Currently, Rubic’s development team, along with our CISO, is completing the development and auditing processes. Soon, we will be able to share the name of our partnered auditor and their audit report with you.

Starting next week, transactions will be carried out through Rubic’s contracts, and we’ll switch Rubic’s fees back on. Thus, our platform will charge $2 for every cross-chain swap and $1 for on-chain swaps (unless you hold 5,000 RBC — in that case, you will get regular refunds).

By the way, the launch of Rubic’s new contracts will be accompanied by the start of the Bug Bounty campaign. Follow our socials to not miss out!

Additionally, we’ve prepared a new article about the updated security measures Rubic is putting in place to make our Protocol impenetrable against hacker attacks and other risks! Next week, together with the contract launch, we’ll share the article with you!

2. Rubic Mobile Version

Along with the new contract launch, we are planning to complete the Mobile Version update of

Rubic’s Mobile Version will offer smoother cross-chain trading on your smartphone thanks to the new design! It will be easy and quick for you to conduct cross-chain trading right from your smartphone. Moreover, users will be able to set slippage.

3. Swap & Earn Feature

Another update that will arrive alongside the updated contracts is Rubic’s Swap & Earn Platform. You can read the details about the Campaign below in the Marketing section.

After the initial campaign ends, “Swap & Earn” will appear as a regular feature on You can take a sneak peek at the community-inspired design of the page below!

4. Uniswap V3 integration on BNB Chain

Next week, we’ll complete the integration of Uniswap V3 on BNB Chain for On-Chain swaps.

Uniswap V3 first launched on May 5, 2021, on the Ethereum mainnet. These are some of the main feature updates that were introduced in Uniswap V3:

  • More Decentralization
  • Concentrated Liquidity
  • Better Security
  • New Fee Tiers

These features will work together to achieve better capital efficiency for the platform’s traders, as well as greater risk management for liquidity providers.


  1. Arbitrum Foundation Airdrop

As one of the projects who supported Arbitrum, we’re honored to be eligible for a distribution of 75,000 $ARB! We’re glad to be a part of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and Rubic’s team truly believes in its future development and scaling!

We are considering holding a governance vote to involve the community in decisions regarding the fund allocation. Subscribe to our socials and don’t miss out!

2. Rubic, Boba Network, and Symbiosis Airdrop Campaign

This time, we’re holding an Airdrop Campaign together with Symbiosis and Boba Network — the Ethereum L2 Optimistic Rollup! Get ready to grab unique NFTs and participate in a $45,000 Reward Pool!

Between March 23rd — April 2nd 2023, users who make swaps to Boba Network via Symbiosis as a provider will get guaranteed, unique NFTs! These NFTs will be your key to the airdrop/claim of the pool of $RBC, $BOBA, and $SIS tokens.

Rules and Conditions:

Swap to Boba Network via Symbiosis at: and complete Galxe tasks:

NFT 1:

1 — Subscribe to the @bobanetwork, @CryptoRubic, and @symbiosis_fi Twitter accounts

2 — Like + Quote Tweet the Announcement Thread

3 — Complete Cross-Chain Swaps to Boba (ETH) via Symbiosis on

NFT 2:

Participate in a joint AMA session with Boba Network and Symbiosis that will take place on March 27th. Please keep an eye on our social channels so as to not miss the link to the Discord event!

NFT 3:

You need to hold no less than 5,000 RBC in a non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask (not on CEX accounts). It should be the same account from which you perform other tasks to claim the Galxe NFTs.

NFT 4:

Add $25 worth of liquidity to the pool at and choose the Boba Ethereum pool.

Read more details: Rubic, Symbiosis Bridge, & Boba Network: A Unique Airdrop

Using Rubic is an awesome experience, not only because it’s convenient, but also since users and holders of $RBC become eligible for joint airdrops!

3. Rubic “Swap & Earn” Announcement Campaign

Soon, Rubic will launch an Announcement Campaign for the “Swap & Earn” feature with exciting rewards! The first 500 users who complete two cross-chain swaps on will earn 1,500 RBC tokens. Additionally, the first 100 users who hold 5,000 RBC and complete two cross-chain swaps will be eligible for 5,000 RBC tokens. The regular Swap & Earn rules won’t be so lucrative, so you have to be fast!

Holding RBC tokens will also be crucial for future events in Rubic’s Swap & Earn campaigns. The more RBC users hold, the more significant their rewards will be. Holding 5,000 RBC tokens also makes users eligible for Rubic’s partners’ airdrops.

4. Lock & Earn Campaign launched the Lock & Earn RBC campaign! Get the existing interest rate of 150% APR, with an investment term of 14 days.

How to Subscribe:

App: Click Markets > Hodl & Earn > Lock & Earn

Earn Now:

Join the GateEarn Telegram Group to learn more.

Rules of Lock-up Earn RBC (14 days)

  1. Start Position: 260 RBC
  2. Maximum Position: 241,110 RBC
  3. Start Time: 3–21–2023 8:00 UTC

Read more:

5. Weekly Voice Chat

This week, there’s no Rubic Weekly Voice Chat as Collin O’Brien is on vacation.

Please tune in next Monday, March 27th to our joint AMA together with Boba, Symbiosis, and Galxe, which will be happening on Discord! Stay tuned for the links!




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