Rubic Weekly Report 03/19

Here is our weekly update!


1. Trading statistics.

We have added accumulated transactions volume statistics on our site. We will update it on a weekly basis.

2. We welcome new projects to be listed on Rubic. The Listing Request function was implemented and our team will review requests on a daily basis.

3. We are constantly improving Rubic platform:

  • Reworked FAQ for Chinese and Korean languages
  • Updated Team page
  • Fixed FAQ for Limit orders and added a link to a new video tutorial

4. We will bring in some UI/UX updates during the frontend part refactoring. That’s one of the possible header views:

5. Limit orders

We have added minimum profit restrictions to be sure the limit orders are profitable for both traders and Rubic platform.

Please see the FAQ section to read more about it:

Also, we have updated FAQ and video for limit orders, please see it here:

6. Backend refactoring

Backend refactoring is in progress, 70% completed. This week cross-chain swaps (via Panama Binance bridge) were refactored, order books refactoring is in progress, and we plan to start testing next week.

7. Binance Wrapped Rubic is in progress.

Binance Smart Chain Wrapped Rubic development is on-going. Development is 80% completed and we plan to release it at the end of March.

8. L2+Anonymizer

  • Main Contract Internal Logic including External Hasher contract generation is completed. We started working on autotest and testing
  • Main Contract Function Logic deposit creation completed, started working on the Uniswap integration
  • Started working on the UI/UX plan to publish first mockups at the end of the next week
  • Trusted Ceremony Setup API is completed


1.On Monday we had an amazing AMA session. We want to thank everyone who asked us questions! We tried to answer all of them!

If you missed it, don’t forget to watch it or read our short AMA summary!

2.We heard your suggestions about updating the UI! But for that, we need your help! This week we are starting our UI creation competition. The winner of this competition will win 1000$ in $RBC and get an opportunity to work with the team!

Read more here:

3.Everyone loved hoodies that we made for our team and we want to share them with you! But before that, we are making a Clothing Design Contest! In this contest, you will be able to win 100$ in $RBC, a hoodie with her/his design, stickers with our mascot, and a secret present!

Find out more here:

4.We have enjoyed this contest and now we are happy to share with you the results of this contest!

The winners are: Wagmi by VibeKilla

And “Welcome To The Rubic Exchange” by AnimosityJones!

Here are the voting results of the Rubic Song Contest!

5. We are continually expanding our community to other regions as we have mentioned in our AMA! The first steps were already taken for the Chinese community: we have started working on translations to the Chinese our website and materials and have scheduled an AMA session for the Chinese community next week! We will keep you updated.

6. The interview of Vladimir Tikhomirov to the Cointelegraph is getting even more attention!

This week this interview was sent by newsletter and posted in Cointelegraph official Facebook group!

7. This week we had a call with More details about our future partnership will be announced next week.

8. Our team is growing more and more! We are happy to welcome our new Backend developer- Alexander Volkov in our adventure!

Thank you for your precious support!






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