Rubic Weekly Report 03/18/22


Rubic Protocol Improvements

This week, the Rubic Development Team has been working on improvements to our current Multi-Chain Protocol. We have updated the functional stability of Multi-Chain swaps between the Solana network and Near network, along with having made several minor UI improvements on the website.

Rubic’s Future Development Updates

During the week, our team refined plans for future integrations as well as timelines for new feature releases. Rubic listens carefully to our community, and in the future, we are considering adding new functionalities to

In the near future, we will introduce a solution by which RBC token holders will be able to provide liquidity to the pools and receive rewards in USDC.


  1. This week, Crypto Banter’s support continues. In one of his latest videos, he mentioned Rubic as one of the sponsors for the Giveaway he announced. You can watch the full video and get the details here: How Will Bitcoin React To Major Crypto News Tomorrow! | Bounce or Brutal Collapse?

2. There is also a really useful article out on In a deep analysis about various cross-chain protocols, the author emphasized the pros and cons of all the leading and worth-watching cross-chain protocols; reviewing cross-chain swap referral programs, routing solutions, and SDKs.

Of course, Rubic is included! You can read the article here:

3. As always, this Friday we are holding Collin O’Brien’s weekly AMA taking place on Twitter Spaces!

During these weekly AMAs, Collin covers our latest updates and answers questions from the community, which you can always send him on Twitter or on Telegram at

4. We currently have more than 1,100 referral program participants, and they’re doing a great job. Let us congratulate one more project with an easily-prepared Multi-Chain solution on their website! Flokiverse’s users can now buy FlokiV tokens directly on

Let’s also congratulate Hector Finance on being the first project to integrate the Rubic SDK!

As you may know, the Rubic SDK is currently live in Beta, and you can read up on the full instructions for its integration here:

Meanwhile, other projects are having the best possible experience with our Rubic Relay Widget on their websites:

5. Don’t forget that Rubic is soon attending the AIBC UAE Expo held in Dubai!

It starts on Sunday, March 20th, and lasts until March 23rd. The expo will unite the policy-makers, developers, C-suite executives, as well as legal experts of the crypto space — with a special focus on networking.

We are also glad to share with you that Rubic is one of the nominees for Blockchain Solution of the Year!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!



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