Rubic Weekly Report 03/16/2023

4 min readMar 16, 2023

Hey Rubicans! We’ve prepared a lot of updates for you: Upcoming Airdrops, Platform Improvements, New Features, and much more. All in our latest Weekly Report Below!


  1. Rubic’s New Platform Contracts

Next week, we’ll complete the process of implementing and auditing Rubic’s new contracts! Finally, we will be able to share the name of our partnered auditor and their audit report with you.

Starting next week, transactions will be carried out through Rubic’s contracts, and we’ll switch Rubic’s fees back on. Thus, our platform will charge $2 for every cross-chain swap and $1 for on-chain swaps (unless you hold 5,000 RBC — in that case, you will get regular refunds).

By the way, the launch of Rubic’s new contracts will be accompanied by the start of the Bug Bounty campaign. Follow our socials to not miss out!

Additionally, we will share with you a new article about the updated security measures Rubic is putting in place to make our Protocol impenetrable against hacker attacks and other risks!

2. Rubic Mobile Version

Next week, we are planning to complete the Mobile Version update of

With the new design, Rubic’s Mobile Version will provide you with a smoother cross-chain trading experience on your smartphone! You’ll be able to carry out cross-chain trading quickly and easily.

3. Uniswap V3 integration on BNB Chain

The deployment of the Uniswap Protocol V3 is now live on BNB Chain, after over 66% of voters supported the deployment in a governance vote held in February. The Rubic development team keeps an eye out for emerging technological trends, and thus, we’ll soon complete the integration of Uniswap V3 on BNB Chain.

Uniswap V3 first launched on May 5, 2021, on the Ethereum mainnet. These are some of the main feature updates that were introduced in Uniswap V3:

  • More Decentralization
  • Concentrated Liquidity
  • Better Security
  • New Fee Tiers

These features will work together to achieve better capital efficiency for the platform’s traders, as well as greater risk management for liquidity providers.


  1. Rubic “Swap & Earn” Feature

There are many ways to earn in Crypto. You can play, learn, and even exercise to earn some extra tokens. But Rubic is launching the first-to-market unique feature of “Swap to Earn”! Let’s make Crypto fun together — use your favorite platform to swap assets and accumulate Rubic tokens.

The main rule is simple — swap more to earn more! Additionally, those who hold at least 5,000 RBC will get extra bonuses via our partners’ airdrops! Also, our first partner’s airdrop is just around the corner.

Follow our socials to stay tuned and keep up with the latest news!

2. Token Utility Update

We’re thinking about which other forms of utility we can add to our token, such as gas fees for swaps on in RBC, and others. If you have any ideas, please let us know through our social channels or Rubic’s support bot. If we put your suggestions into practice, you get a reward!

3. Rubic, Boba Network, and Symbiosis Airdrop Campaign

The season of Airdrops has begun! Get ready to grab unique NFTs and participate in a $45,000 Reward Pool!

Between March 23 — Apr 2 2023, users who make swaps to Boba Network via Symbiosis as a provider will get guaranteed unique NFTs! These NFTs will be your key to the airdrop/claim of the pool of $RBC, $BOBA, and $SIS tokens.

Using Rubic is an awesome experience, not only because it’s convenient, but also since users and holders of $RBC become eligible for joint airdrops!

Read more:

4. Rubic as an Ethereum L2 Network Aggregator

The Rubic Protocol supports the most popular Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups to date, including Arbitrum, Boba, Optimism, and Metis. We have further plans to expand to ZK-rollups such as zkSync, Polygon Hermez, etc.

We are currently writing an article about L2 Solutions and how Rubic can be useful for you when it comes to L2s.

5. Weekly Voice Chat

Don’t miss Rubic’s Weekly Voice Chat! Collin O’Brien will review our Weekly Report and answer your questions about Rubic!

Tune in at 3PM UTC on Twitter or Telegram:




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