Rubic Weekly Report 03/09/2023

4 min readMar 9


Hey Rubicans! Our latest Weekly Update is out! Discover what great news we have to share with you, and read the report below!


  1. Rubic’s New Platform Contracts

Currently, Rubic’s Dev team is putting all its efforts into Rubic’s new contract development. We are getting closer to the end of the process with the release of our updated smart contracts, which are more secure and trustworthy.

Currently, our new contracts are being audited by an external provider, and we will be able to share the company’s name once the audit is complete. As soon as the audit is done, we’ll be ready to launch Rubic’s New Contracts.

Additionally, we are working on a new article about the updated security measures Rubic is putting in place to make our Protocol impenetrable to hackers’ attacks and other risks!

ETA: Mid/End March

2. Rubic Mobile Version

Another big update that Rubic is working on is the Mobile Version UI.

With the new design, Rubic’s Mobile Version will provide you with a smoother cross-chain trading experience on your smartphone! You’ll be able to carry out cross-chain trading quickly and easily.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the new design:


  1. Rubic “Swap & Earn” Feature

Throughout the years, Rubic has continued to improve, and we’d like to make your experience with our platform as enjoyable as possible by launching something extraordinary! Along with our new contracts, Rubic is also setting up a new and unique “Swap & Earn” feature, which will provide returns in RBC when you exchange on Rubic.

The main point is simple — swap more to earn more! Those who hold $RBC will get extra bonuses.

Follow our socials to stay tuned and keep up with the latest news!

2. Token Utility Update

We’re thinking about which other utilities we can add to our token, such as gas fees for swaps on in RBC, and others. If you have any ideas, please let us know through our social channels or Rubic’s support bot. If we put your suggestions into practice, you get a reward!

Also, Rubic’s team is creating more partnership campaigns for you, which would offer you admittance into our partners’ airdrops for holding RBC. If you still don’t have at least 5,000 RBC in your bags, it’s high time!

3. Rubic ETH L2 Cooperation

We’re looking into integrating more L2s to make Rubic the ultimate cross-chain tool for any blockchain, be it L1s or L2s, with an overall target of 100+ networks.

Also, we’re preparing some new ETH L2 airdrops for you — stay tuned, hold 5,000 RBC, and don’t forget to use Rubic!

Some fresh stats on L2s:

While Arbitrum continues to grow in popularity, its recent activity on our platform is also increasing! Check it out below, where you can see the most popular chains that interact with Arbitrum both to and from the top networks.

4. Web3StrongerTogether: Rubic Project Pitch

Collin pitched Rubic at the #Web3StrongerTogether Virtual Summit, and if you missed it, we have a video of it here for you:

5. ProBit Trading Competition Finished

The trading competition at ProBit exchange ended yesterday! We’d like to thank all participants. Rewards will be distributed to the related ProBit Global accounts within two weeks after the end of the Trading Competition.

Remember, the rankings of the contest were determined by total trading volume, converted into USDC.

You can check the leaderboard here:

7. Symbiosis Airdrop Claim

Holding 5,000+ $RBC gives you extra benefits such as receiving airdrops and having to pay zero fees on!

Our good friends at Symbiosis have opened the claim page for the top 50 most frequent swappers via Symbiosis on Rubic:

Retrodrop eligibility:

- Cross-chain swap user with more than $100 in volume

- Top 50 swappers via Symbiosis on Rubic

Rubic and Symbiosis February campaign NFT holders will get a multiplier!

6. Rubic Rangers Update

Rubicans! We’ve already received over 260 applications for the Rubic Ambassador Program, and we’re actively processing them.

For now, we’ve contacted our selected ambassadors for interviews and held our first online meeting. However, the program remains open and there will be more rounds in the future, so don’t hesitate to keep applying!

7. Weekly Voice Chat

Come to Rubic’s Weekly Voice Chat today! Collin O’Brien will discuss our recent successes and our future plans.

Tune in at 4PM UTC on Twitter or Telegram:




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