Rubic Weekly Report 03/02/2023

4 min readMar 2


Hi there, Rubicans! Let’s take a closer look at this week’s achievements in our most recent Weekly Update below. Our team has some great updates to share with you.


  1. Rubic Mobile Version

Rubic has always been a pioneer of cross-chain in terms of User Experience, and our Dev team hasn’t stopped — we’re currently working on an updated Mobile version of the Rubic App. After the new design is released, Rubic’s Mobile Version will provide you with a smoother experience for cross-chain trading, right on your smartphone! You’ll be able to carry out cross-chain trading quickly and easily.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the new design:

2. ChangeNOW Integration Update

Last week, we added 14 new chains:


This week, or at the beginning of next week, cross-chain swaps across these integrated chains will be supported in both directions.

Read our latest article devoted to this integration: Rubic Will Cover 100+ Blockchains After Integrating ChangeNOW!

We will continue to collaborate with new chains, while rewarding our users with new gifts and drops!

3. Rubic’s New Platform Contracts

As we’ve already communicated, we finally selected an audit partner and are very excited about it! They’re currently auditing our new contracts, and we’ll be able to share the company’s name after the audit is finished, as per our agreement.

As soon as the audit is complete, we’ll be ready to launch Rubic’s New Contracts.

ETA: March


  1. Rubic Begins Closer Cooperation with Ethereum L2s

ETH L2 Networks constitute 25% of our transaction volume. Although it’s mainly Arbitrum and Optimism, the Rubic App supports Boba and Metis as well.

We’re looking into integrating more L2s to make Rubic the ultimate cross-chain tool for any blockchain, be it L1s or L2s, with an overall target of 100+ networks.

Also, we’re preparing some new ETH L2 airdrops for you — stay tuned, hold 5,000 RBC, and don’t forget to use Rubic!

2. ProBit Trading Competition

The trading competition at ProBit exchange runs until March 8th.

You’re able to join and take a shot at the 200K $RBC prize pool at any time. A minimum of 100 PROB must be staked in order to be eligible for this event, and staked PROB cannot be decreased during the duration of the competition.

A trading competition will be held for the RUBIC/USDT trading pair. A total of 200,000 RUBIC will be distributed to the Top 20 traders by volume, in order.

Learn more:

Also, staking $PROB gives you advantages such as lower trading fees, which can be useful in the competition.

To stake your $PROB, visit this link:

If you want a detailed staking guide, visit:

Remember, the rankings of the contest will be determined by total trading volume, converted into USDC.

Rewards will be distributed to the related ProBit Global wallets within two weeks after the end of the Trading Competition.

You can check the leaderboard here:

3. Symbiosis Airdrop Claim

The $SIS token has now launched on BNB Chain. The claim for the last Rubic x Symbiosis airdrop will be on BSC. We will provide the link to claim the tokens later.

4. Rubic Rangers

Rubicans! We’ve already received around 220 applications for the Rubic Ambassador Program, and we’re actively processing each one.

We’ll soon be working with the applicants & will contact them for interviews. This process will be complete by the end of next week at the latest.

5. Web3StrongerTogether Summit

Rubic is participating in the first Virtual Summit “Web3StrongerTogether”, where we’re joining over a hundred Web3 Crypto Projects — now in the Evveland Metaverse event, which will be held from March 1st to March 4th.

Collin gave a speech about GameFi and Web3 influence on business models in the gaming sector on March 1st.

Don’t miss your chance to attend the event! You can attend the Web3 Metaverse conference as a guest here. We also gave out 15 online entries to the Summit + 5,000 $RBC tokens to share between the top 15 community members!

Explore the details here:

6. Weekly Voice Chat

Join us today for Rubic’s Weekly Voice Chat! Collin O’Brien will be reviewing our recent accomplishments and going over our plans for the future.

Tune in at 4PM UTC on Twitter or Telegram:




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