Rubic Weekly Report 02/27

Here is our weekly update!


1.Limit Orders feature is completed, but requires extra QA due to migration issues. On the 5th March we will implement the beta test for all users. This feature will allow traders to buy or sell a token at a specific price: it is still possible to create trades via Order Book and then they will be closed automatically when the market (Uniswap) matches the order’s parameters including the fees. The first available pair of tokens will be RBC/ETH. We plan to add new pairs and support for multiple blockchains later: Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

2. We are expanding our services to provide the best rates on the market. We have completed the Uniswap integration, this will allow users to spend less on gas for most of the deals with almost the same market rates as 1inch offers. We are monitoring it on the dev server and will release it on the 1st of March.

3. Platform refactoring:

  • Order book code refactoring

The Order book with limit orders functionality is a quite demanding service so we have started the order book refactoring: we reduced the amount of extra information of API requests by 15 percent.

  • Rubic front end code optimisation

The number of users on the Rubic platform is increasing every day, so we started platform optimization to make our services reliable even under heavy load. We plan to update the Angular version that will improve the responsiveness of the platform up to 20 percent. And then we will embed code linter to improve code quality.

4. Anonymizer & Layer2

  • Completed preparation of development environment for contracts: setup of Solidity and SnarkJS frameworks, core configuration and verification contract creation. Automated generation of keys and binary files needed for snark proof, automated deployment of contracts.
  • Main contract: started implementation of the internal data structures and Merkle Tree. This part of contract is responsible for storing internal information, which will be used to validate subsequent operations on users deposits.


1.This week we announced the integration of the Enecuum network within Rubic ecosystem. Soon users will be able to use the bridge between Ethereum and Enecuum network, create Liquidity Pools and execute trades on the upcoming Enecuum AMM DEX (Q1 2021) from the Enecuum.

You can read more here:

More partnerships are coming in March :)

2. It’s time to dust off your musical instruments and get your voice warmed up!

Since we get a lot of song talents recently about our project Rubic coming from our beloved community, we want to introduce you to the first Rubic Song Contest that will take place over 2 weeks.

You can read more here:

3. We hosted our first voice chat in Clubhouse. It was a great experience. Thank you for the questions. We plan to repeat it and invite more people to talk about DeFi, its challenges, and other topics. We will announce it soon. If you have any ideas who we should invite and talk to, please let us know. For the ones who have missed it here is the record:

4. This week showed a great increase in the numbers of our community! We want to welcome and thank new Rubicans that joined our community!

Community in numbers:

Holders — 6154 — -> 6499

TG chat — 4010-> 4312

Twitter — 3405 — ->4015

Youtube: 600 — ->656

5. As we mentioned before, our marketing team is getting in contact with middle sized and big CEXs. We will update our community as soon as we will come to an agreement with any of them! Stay tuned for more updates!

6.We are happy that our Korean community is growing fast! 안녕하세요 환영합니다 After a week we have already 230 Rubicans! Soon we will announce more communities for different languages!

Thank you for your precious support!






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