Rubic Weekly Report 02/25/22


Integrations of New Blockchains — DEXs and Multi-Chain

  1. Multi-Chain Protocol Updates

Throughout the week, we completed several improvements of our current Multi-Chain solution. These improvements have increased the stability and optimization of the NEAR and Solana networks integrated into our Multi-Chain protocol.

Rubic has also started the research on the next blockchain network that we will integrate.

Widgets & SDK

  1. SDK Update

This week, we issued numerous updates to our Multi-Chain Protocol. These updates include the integration of new DEXs that were added to different networks, which include nearly all of the recently-integrated blockchain networks.

The DEXs which are now supported in our SDK are:

1 — Uniswap v.3 for both Ethereum and Polygon

2 -Algebra for Polygon

The Rubic SDK Team continues to develop our SDK, and we are preparing for the release of the Beta version of our SDK during the next few months.
Rubic will announce the ETA sometime over the next few weeks.

Multi-Chain Development

  1. Rubic Staking
    On February 23rd, we finished the First Round of RBC staking on During the first round of staking, our users received an APR of more than 79% during the 2-month duration.

This week, we have announced the Second Round of staking on our protocol. This round of staking will feature changes and improvements compared to the First Round.

To continue our tradition, we would firstly like to share with you the main points about our upcoming BRBC Staking:

  • A maximum deposit amount (the highest amount of tokens one may stake) is set for 100,000 BRBC tokens for each participating address. Users will be able to stake their tokens multiple times until they reach the cap.
  • Staking is run by pools with a limited maximum deposit amount and a limited time, which makes it possible to set a predictable APR. Thus, the number of addresses in each Staking pool is limited.
  • Users will get xRBC tokens (BEP-20) as a guarantee of their participation in Staking.
  • Users who have participated in the first round of BRBC staking will be whitelisted for the Second round of BRBC staking. The allocation amount will be announced later on.
  • Staking contracts will be deployed in BSC. However, all of our holders, including of Ethereum & Polygon versions of RBC, will be able to participate.

Read more here:

2. Turkish Language Integration

One of our users, zinderud, has created the translation of and to the Turkish language!
We are really happy to complete the integration of this translation to
Our team has also rewarded him with BRBC tokens.


  1. Rubic has launched text ads on some of the most high-traffic crypto websites: EtherScan, PolygonScan and BSCScan.

Don’t sleep on our 0% Multi-Chain Protocol Fee promo! It won’t last forever.

We’ve also launched a banner ad campaign on BSCScan and Etherscan to remind you about Rubic’s Multi-Chain Swap solution.

2. This week, $RBC was included in the most-traded Fantom tokens list by Fantom Daily. Also, NEAR Insider wrote an overview about Rubic on their Twitter account. DCTDAO announced a collaboration with Rubic and The Crypto Candy mentioned our limited-time promotional 0% Protocol fees!

3. Soon, we are launching the Second Round of BRBC staking. Therefore, we have prepared a new Landing Page. On this page, you will find all the relevant information pertaining to the upcoming Staking Program, so get ready to stake your BRBC!

Visit our new page here:

4. While more than 500 people created unique referral links to promote the Rubic Relay Widget, two projects installed the Widget during this past week.

We are happy to congratulate Doge X and Elon Hype on making their platforms even more aesthetically pleasing, and also more convenient to purchase their respective tokens. Now, users can purchase $DOGEX and $ELONHYPE in one click, directly on their websites.

You should definitely check out how our widget looks on their sites!

5. This week, we held our second Twitter Spaces AMA with Collin O’Brien. If you missed the live broadcast, don’t fret!

Here is a link to the recorded Twitter Spaces session:

Make sure to tune in each and every week for a chance to win $50 worth of BRBC for asking a question during the AMA!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!



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