Rubic Weekly Report 02/19

Here is our weekly update!


1.Uniswap integration

We continue to make progress to achieve our goal: to provide the best exchange rates of the market. The integration of Uniswap will allow users to spend less on gas for the most of the deals.

We have finished the UI implementation and now further steps are tested in the dev environment. Release date: 1st of March.

2.Limit Orders progress

We continue the development of the Limit Orders based on the current Order Book. This feature will allow traders to put their predictions at work. The first available pair of tokens will be RBC/ETH.

We have created all the scripts that will be used to interact with Uniswap and finished the backend part implementation. Next we will create models and main logic and will conduct tests on the dev environment.

Release date (for RBC/ETH): 25th of February

3.CoinMarketCap rates are not accurate enough and quite volatile so we have updated our rate recommendations. Now we use the Coingecko platform, making the updates 24 times faster than before.

4.We are constantly improving our platform:

  • We have fixed problems with order book old deals display, now it is possible to see the details of both old and new order book trades
  • Order book fees were introduced
  • Site improvements and bugs fixes

5. Platform’s safety is one of our main priorities, so we have implemented unit tests coverage for the main functionality (more than 9 unit tests) in the Kovan network that will help us to test new features faster and be sure that old features work great as well.

There is a great demand for a BSC version of $RBC, so we are considering creating a Wrapped RBC. More updates on this will be shared next week, so stay tuned!


1.Today we have announced the expansion of our partnership with Polygon. The main goal of it is to connect Ethereum and Polygon users under one platform. In the nearest future users will be able to use a cross-chain solution between ETH and Polygon, RBC token on Polygon, Quickswap DEX integration and Token creation on Polygon by MyWish service.

You can read more about it in our release:

Also we want to thank our partners Polygon for sharing our announcement within their community!

2.As our community grows we are creating new local communities all around the world. This week we want to introduce our Korean official community!

Welcome to our community!

3.Finally we are ready to announce our new slogan! This slogan fits our mission and we hope you will like it too!

So the winner is: “Rubic — reDeFined Trading”

The idea of this slogan belongs to @Giu#1133 and he/she wins a prize of $50 in $RBC!

We want to thank everyone for submitting their ideas of slogan and for taking part in the votes! You can find the new slogan on Rubic.Exchange!

4.This week we want to welcome our new mascot to the Rubic Community! We are happy that you liked our new stickers!

You can add them here:

5.As our project grows we are constantly extending our team. Please welcome our new Front-End development team member: Dmitry Sleta

He is an experienced front-end Angular developer.

6.This week we have updated our White Paper. You can check it here:

7.We will continue to follow our new weekly tradition: here are our updated community numbers!

Holders — 6.154 —>6.183

Telegram chat — >4010 →4127

Twitter — 3405 —>3637

Youtube — 600 —>640

We are patiently listening to our community and always try to improve our platform so that every user can easily use it!

There are even more things to come. Soon we will announce new partnerships and new features of our project! Please follow our social channels to not miss anything.

Thank you for your precious support!






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Our Multi-Chain Protocol allows swaps between 15,000+ tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, MOVR, FTM, SOL, ONE, ARB, NEAR & Aurora in 1 click; featuring 60+ DEXs!

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Our Multi-Chain Protocol allows swaps between 15,000+ tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, MOVR, FTM, SOL, ONE, ARB, NEAR & Aurora in 1 click; featuring 60+ DEXs!

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