Rubic Weekly Report 02/18/22

Here is our weekly update!

5 min readFeb 18, 2022


Rubic Weekly Report 02/18/22


NEAR Protocol Integration

This Tuesday, we completed another important milestone over the first two months of 2022. The Rubic Integration Development Team is excited to have successfully finished the integration of our third blockchain in just 3 weeks. The integration of the NEAR Protocol will enable users of the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, Solana, Harmony, Arbitrum, and Aurora networks to easily complete swaps to and from any token in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.
NEAR’s mission is to be the on-ramp for millions of people to join the Web3 revolution by providing incredible technology, that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Incredibly consumer-friendly

The NEAR Protocol was launched on July 21, 2020, and currently has a daily volume of up to $25 million with a Total Value Locked on DEXs of $103.4 Million.

SDK Updates

The Rubic SDK Development Team continues to work on the SDK’s Beta version release. Right now, there are more than 5 projects that are already completing thorough tests of the Alpha version of the Rubic SDK, and are looking forward to a Beta release in order to fully release the SDK on their platform.

Rubic’s SDK will allow crypto projects, platforms, and apps of all kinds to integrate the unique functionalities of Rubic, without being tied to a specific user interface. Wallets, dApps, and other platforms will have the opportunity to gain Multi-Chain interoperability without going through the process of working with various DEXs and blockchains. Additionally, any integration of our SDK will be completely free.

Multi-Chain Development

During the week, our team completed several improvements to our Multi-Chain Protocol which will significantly improve user experience and stability while using our platform.


  1. The NEAR Protocol is becoming more popular every week. Numerous crypto traders and market analysts believe that $NEAR is going to rise soon; thus, we believe Rubic’s integration of the NEAR Protocol is great news for the crypto community. The CryptoNewZ media outlet published an article about their perspectives of the NEAR project and its recent partnership with Rubic to utilize our Multi-Chain Protocol. You can read the article here:

2. If you haven’t yet heard, we have some absolutely amazing news for you! We have removed our commission fees from trades for a short while. The market is growing, and now the only fees you’ll run into using our Multi-Chain Swaps feature, will be network fees — only on

Remember, this is a limited time offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to implement your trades while only paying network gas fees — head straight over to our Multi-Chain ecosystem and start swapping!

Also, we’d like to thank Harmony Protocol, Liquid Driver, Shibavax, MoonBeans, KryptoMon, Dexfolio, DX, Vodra, and Shield Protocol for covering this marvelous news with tweets, retweets and quote retweets!

3. Do you enjoy making price predictions? We hope so, and we hope you managed to make a prediction for the price of $RBC! Recently, we had teamed-up with Merchants of Near for their February Price Prediction Contest.

The Prediction Contest results will be announced at the end of February. The awards for the Top 4 winners are worth $40, $30, $20, and $10 in $RBC, as well as $10 in $NEAR for anyone who guesses within at least 10% of the actual result.

4. Rubic lovers, you had a unique chance to make money on your love for Rubic! We launched a Valentine’s Day competition, and the participants were to either write or draw what they love the most about Rubic. We chose 3 lucky winners, and they have already received their rewards!

5. As you all know, we integrated the NEAR blockchain this week — and by the way, it’s the third blockchain in less than 3 weeks! At last, we’ve completed the full integration of the NEAR ecosystem. Also, we’d like to thank The NearWeek, Near Insights, and Near Alpha Leakers for covering our recent integrations!

6. From now on, the NYUKU token is available for Multi-Chain swaps directly on It’s awesome to see the Rubic Relay Widget become more popular each and every week.

7. We would also like to share some metrics regarding our Referral Program results. Right now, we have more than 350 promoters with their own unique referral links, and we already have approximately 150 integration requests from different projects through these referral links. We have also already listed the tokens of 10 projects, and those projects are currently in the process of integrating the Rubic Relay Widget!

8. The Rubic Weekly Chat had some major firsts today, as Collin hosted the very first Rubic Twitter Spaces for today’s AMA. We should have the audio recording available within the day, and we will also post it on our Telegram as per usual. Finally, Collin video recorded the AMA session as well, and we’re uploading it to our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! If this is well-received, we will continue this format in the future as much as we can!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!




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