Rubic Weekly Report 02/02/2023

Hello, Rubicans! Let’s dive into Rubic news and marketing activities, along with recent and upcoming developments!


  1. New Audit Partner

After a month of negotiations, discussions, and difficult choices, we’ve finally selected an audit partner and are very excited about it!

However, we’ll only be able to share the company’s name after the audit is finished, as per our agreement. So stay tuned and let the audit begin!

As part of our new security measures, the Rubic Protocol also hired a Chief Information Security Officer. You can read about Alexey in our previous Weekly Report.

2. Verse DEX Integration

Rubic has just finished integrating Verse DEX, the project of Bitcoin.Com.

It focuses on newcomers to DeFi and provides low fees, as well as trading for the ETH and SmartBCH blockchains.

Also, a warm welcome to the $VERSE token from Rubic!

3. Revoke Allowance Page

Revoking smart contract allowances or token approvals is important for user security, as it makes them less susceptible to wallet exploits. As always, user security is of absolute importance to us!

Therefore, as an additional security measure, Rubic has launched our own revoke allowance page. This Wednesday, we presented you a ready solution to keep track of your existing approvals, and easily revoke them.

If you still haven’t tried our new feature, check it out here and follow this detailed tutorial, if needed: Revoke Approval Feature is Now Live

4. Limit Orders

Soon, we’re launching On-Chain Limit Orders on several major networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, Gnosis, Arbitrum, and Aurora via 1inch and their reliable, trustworthy contract.

The Limit Order Feature enables our users to:

  • Gain flexibility and efficiency by setting the desired price of assets they want to buy or sell.
  • Catch up on all the dips, slumps, growths, and peaks of the market.
  • Get more control over the tokens’ prices.
  • Prevent losses in the times of rapid price changes.

You can read more detailed info in the article devoted to the Limit Orders feature on the Rubic App, which we’re publishing next week.

5. Token Security Feature

Soon, we’re adding a new feature to the Rubic App: a token selector will have a special sign in front of every token. The sign will demonstrate whether the token is reliable, or if it could be a scam.

6. Stargate Integration

Rubic’s team is working on the integration of the Stargate bridge on all 7 chains supported by Stargate: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom.

Rubic users will be able to swap native assets across chains via Stargate in a single transaction.

The most outstanding feature of Stargate is that it uses LayerZero’s ability to transmit information. This helps to connect each blockchain’s liquidity and to improve the capital efficiency of the system as a whole.

As presented earlier in the concept of Rubic as a Cross-chain Tech Aggegator, we’re starting to integrate messaging protocols, steadily moving towards our goal.

The Rubic team is excited about this integration and the further development of Rubic and Stargate’s partnership.

We’ll keep you updated about the details!


  1. Rubic Cross-Chain Tools for DEXs Article

We’ve started a new chapter in Rubic’s development. If you happened to notice the new Rubic pitch deck and positioning in our docs, you may know that Rubic is aiming to become the ultimate Cross-Chain Technology Aggregator. Thus, one of our purposes is to assist various crypto projects in becoming cross-chain with Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools, in the easiest and most convenient way.

Recently, the Rubic team started to create articles devoted to our Cross-Chain solutions. If you missed those, you can easily find them in our Medium:

This week, our team is ready to share another article in a series: DEX Omnichain Future: Rubic Tools as a Way to Go Cross-Chain.

In this article, we reviewed the DeFi Market and analyzed the next possible steps for DEXs development in the omnichain Web3 future.

Discover more: DEX Omnichain Future: Rubic Tools as a Way to Go Cross-Chain

2. January Transaction Volume

Although January is usually the lowest-volume month in the whole DeFi industry, our volume is close to December levels: $5.9M vs $6.4M. Our protocol is so convenient, that it’s hard to substitute it with something else. Thank you for choosing Rubic!

3. Metis Governance Voting

Congratulations, Rubicans! It’s a solid yes. From now on, Rubic is a legit part of the Metis Ecosystem.

As you remember, Rubic integrated Metis Network along with the NetSwap DEX to our platform a while ago. Now, since the Metis community has voted in favor of including us as part of their ecosystem, we can continue to build a strong and effective partnership.

We’d like to thank the Metis community for standing by the Rubic Protocol!

4. Web3StrongerTogether Summit

Rubic is participating in the first Virtual Summit “Web3StrongerTogether”, where we’re joining over a hundred Web3 Crypto Projects — first for a Twitter Marathon, and then in the Evveland Metaverse event, which will be held from March 1st to March 4th.

Explore the details here:

5. Rubic Weekly Voice Chat

Join us on Twitter and Telegram to discuss the latest news with Collin O’Brien. Today, we’ll focus on the weekly update. As always, feel free to ask your questions about all the recent and upcoming events.

Tune in Today at 3 PM UTC:



Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.

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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.