Rubic Weekly Report 02/01/2024

5 min readFeb 1, 2024

Hello, Rubic Fam! Let’s rejoice in our weekly achievements together! Explore the highlights below!


  1. 🚀 ODOS DEX Integration
  2. 🌉 Symbiosis Bridge To BTC
  3. 💥 Blast Testnet Integration
  4. 🎉 ZetaChain Mainnet Integration
  5. 💥 ZetaChain Galxe Promotion


  1. ODOS Dex Aggregator Integration Update

Introducing Odos DEX Aggregator, the latest addition to the Rubic family!

Odos, one of the biggest DEX aggregators, brings enhanced routing options to Base, zkSync Era, Optimism, Arbitrum, and 5 more chains!

Dive into seamless cross-chain trading at!

Thanks to Odos Protocol, users can experience improved rates and faster transactions.

Odos is in the top 10 DEXs ranked by Unique Active Wallets according to DappRadar. Boasting a monthly volume of $2.6 billion, Odos stands confidently among the biggest DEXs!

2. ZetaChain Mainnet Integration

Today, we’re excited to announce the integration of the recently launched ZetaChain Mainnet into the Rubic platform. Now, you can seamlessly perform on-chain transactions on Zeta through iZUMi finance at Explore the possibilities of on-chain transactions with ease and efficiency. Cross-chain swaps will be added soon.

3. Blast Integration

Our testnet app is evolving rapidly, and we’re thrilled to announce the integration of Blast testnet!

Swap ETH to WETH seamlessly on Blast at

4. Taiko Testnet Integration Update

We’re excited to announce the upcoming integration of the latest version of the Taiko testnet! The integration is set to go live later today, and you can explore it firsthand here:

Katla Testnet (Alpha-6) holds significant importance as it establishes the groundwork for Taiko’s forthcoming mainnet launch.

Explore more details about the Katla Testnet (Alpha-6) here:

5. Symbiosis Bridge To BTC

Rubic has updated the Symbiosis provider integration, unlocking enhanced routing options to Bitcoin!

Thanks to the recent partnership of Symbiosis and THORChain, users can now access BTC seamlessly through Symbiosis.

🟩 More Swapping Options:

This integration has expanded routing options for swaps to BTC on Rubic.

Now, users can effortlessly swap to BTC across 12 networks directly at Rubic through Symbiosis, as well as ChangeNOW.

Check it out:

6. Enhancing Cross-Chain Capabilities with DLN Integration for Solana

We’re currently in the process of integrating DLN for cross-chain swaps to and from the Solana Network. This addition aims to diversify transaction routing options, ensuring our users enjoy improved rates and faster swaps. Stay tuned for an enriched cross-chain experience!

7. Staking Update

Dive into the 3-month staking period!



  1. ZetaChain Launch Party

Join the pioneering ZetaChain Campaign run by Izumi Finance from February 1st to 8th, where you can engage in simple tasks for a chance to claim your share of the $2,500 reward pool!

This promotion is dedicated to the launch of the native $ZETA gas token on Izumi Finance DEX. As part of the activities, don’t miss out on each of the two straightforward tasks offered by Izumi, Orbiter, Range Protocol and Rubic.

Embark on this journey of fun and rewards! Explore more at:

2. Rubic x Blast Takeover

To celebrate the seamless integration of Blast into the Rubic App, dive into our newest Galxe campaign starting in the coming days! Engage in a combination of social and on-chain tasks to earn exclusive early adopter NFTs that add a touch of uniqueness to your collection.

Discover more about the campaign and the exciting opportunities awaiting you:

3. Cupid’s Carnival

TaskOn’s Cupid’s Carnival is coming!

TaskOn is teaming up with the best web3 projects, including Rubic, to celebrate the approaching Valentine’s Day!

Get ready for a grand Celebration of Community and Connection. Take your chance to win $2,000 from the Rubic team and other amazing rewards from the participants!

Save the Date! Starting February 5th, join our campaign via this link:

Here are the tasks for the TaskOn Cupid’s Carnival :

On-Chain Tasks

1️⃣ Complete any Cross-Chain or On-Chain swap on using Rubic contracts

Off-Chain tasks

2️⃣ Subscribe to Rubic’s YouTube.

3️⃣ Like and Share Rubic’s announcement.

4. Rubic’s Layer3 Weekly Quest

Dive into our weekly quests on Layer3! Engage in cross-chain swaps and rack up those valuable XPs! Your adventure begins here:

For your weekly tasks on Layer3, initiate cross-chain swaps from any of these source chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon, then swap to any supported destination chains.

5. Retrodrop Part 6

Hooray, Retrodrop Holders! Part 6 of your rewards is now live on Arbitrum! Claim your $RBC and consider staking it for 3 months. Holding $RBC is crucial for accessing the full spectrum of rewards.

Dive in:

Learn more:

6. New Blog Articles

Dive into the specifics of our two newest test network integrations by exploring dedicated articles.

Gain comprehensive insights, including information about potential airdrops, in our latest materials available on our recently launched blog page.

Uncover the unique details of the Blast and Berachain integrations firsthand. Visit our blog to stay informed.

Blast: coming out tomorrow.


7. New Widget Integration

Exciting news! Our ecosystem is expanding, and this week, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Widget Integrator — Airdrop Mischief. Now you can easily swap tokens directly at:




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