Rubic Weekly Report 01/20/2023

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Hello, Rubicans. This week, we’ve been mainly enhancing Rubic’s security and working on new contracts, to be able to resume the Protocol’s functionality at the highest levels of safety.

Let’s explore our recent achievements in detail.


  1. Protocol Update

This week, we re-added the LI.FI Protocol as a provider at, without switching our contracts on. Thus, the list of functioning providers has expanded to five, including:

  • Celer
  • deBridge
  • XY Protocol
  • Symbiosis
  • LI.FI

With LI.FI, Rubic got several networks back. Currently, 25 networks are available for Cross-Chain Swaps directly within Rubic App.

The Rubic team is putting massive effort into returning our Protocol to a fully-functioning condition. By the end of the week, we are planning to relaunch the Tron network and Bridgers protocol as providers.

Remember that now, all the swaps on are going directly through the provider’s contracts, while Rubic’s team is working on the security improvements of the Protocol.

2. Rubic Limit Orders

Today, we are glad to share with you great news! The Rubic Protocol is working on adding On-Chain Limit Orders to our app. When the feature goes live, our users will be able to create Limit Orders directly within Rubic, with its highly convenient and familiar UI.

Since we are integrating the 1inch Limit Order solution to the Rubic Protocol, we keep all the advantages. Read more about 1inch limit orders here:

The approximate ETA is next week.

Moreover, Rubic’s team is planning to implement Limit Orders for Cross-Chain. We believe this unique feature will simplify your crypto trading experience big time!


  1. Rubic Cross-Chain Tools for Token Owners — Article

With all the hustle and bustle around, some might totally forget about Rubic’s grand rebranding and website update!

At the end of last year, we launched a brand-new B2B section on our website, where you can find the information regarding Rubic’s SDK and Widget — This week, we have also launched 4 new pages for different use-cases: DEXs, wallets, GameFi projects and token owners.

By the way, this week, we’ve prepared a must-read article for token owners who are seeking easy-to-install solutions to set up their token sales on their website.

Read about Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools for token owners here: How to Drive Your Token Sales on Your Website

2. ProBit listing

We are happy to announce that the new $RBC token has been listed on ProBit and is now ready to be traded. The holders of RBC on ProBit will receive an airdrop of the new RBC by the ProBit team, at a 1:1 ratio to their original RBC holdings during the snapshot.

3. Weekly Voice Chat

Join our weekly AMA with Collin O’Brien! Today, Collin will re-emphasize Rubic’s plans and goals for 2023. He’ll also reveal some details about Rubic’s Business Development team, and how they are managing to forge new partnerships even in the darkest times of crypto winter.

If you happen to have some questions about claiming the new RBC, pay a visit to today’s AMA. Collin will kindly answer all of your questions!

Tune in at 4pm UTC, Friday, January 20th:

Rubicans! We’re requesting your thoughts and opinions on how you would improve our platform at

If you feel inclined, send a message to our Support team with your suggestions and recommendations:




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