Rubic Trading Lottery!

Today we are happy to announce a new promotional event, with more prizes for our users! Rubic offers our customers the best rates on the market for their crypto purchases, and our goal is to attract more users to our exchange so that they can test it for themselves. We know that when people use our exchange, they love the benefits they receive from using it!

Without further ado, we’re here to announce our Rubic Trading Lottery!

During this lottery, we will be randomly rewarding users who have completed any trade or swap using during the event period, and who have also retweeted our announcement! The more trades and swaps you execute, the better your chances of winning!

Three randomly chosen users will all win a special Rubic hoodie, along with $100 and $250 for two, with a third winning the choice between either an iPhone 12 PRO or $1,000!

The lottery will commence on May 24th UTC, and run before May 30th UTC.

During this period, users will need to complete any trade or swap using our platform, and post a retweet of the Trading Campaign announcement.

During this lottery, you can complete any amount of transaction to increase your chances of winning the prize!

On May 31st, we will announce the winners of our first lottery!

Rules of the lottery

To participate in this lottery you must:

1 — Retweet this post until the 28th of May
2 — Complete any transaction at from 12:00 UTC+3 24th of May to 23:59 UTC+3 28th of May.

How will the winners be chosen?

During the lottery period, we will track the transactions that are made on After the lottery has concluded, we will randomly pick 3 of the transactions and reveal the first 4 and last 5 letters/numbers of the wallets that made these transactions.

After we announce the winners, they will have 2 days to contact us through Twitter and ask us how to confirm the address, from the selected and matching wallet address.

After the confirmation of the wallet’s ownership, you’ll be able to receive your prize!

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