Rubic, Symbiosis Bridge, & Boba Network: A Unique Airdrop

6 min readMar 16, 2023

The spring season of cross-promotions and our partners’ airdrops has begun! This time, we’re holding an Airdrop Campaign together with Symbiosis and Boba Network — the Ethereum L2 Optimistic Rollup!

Get ready to grab unique NFTs and participate in a $45,000 Reward Pool!

Rubic x L2 Networks

Our platform enables the swapping of 15,500+ assets across 40+ networks, including Ethereum L2s such as Boba Network, with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds — all in one click, thanks to Rubic’s aggregation of 90+ DEXs and bridges.

Rubic aims to accelerate Ethereum scaling and contribute to Layer 2 development. It supports the most popular Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups to date, including Arbitrum, Boba, Optimism, and Metis, with further plans to soon expand to ZK rollups.

Another reason to choose Rubic for moving your tokens across chains is the additional bonuses and airdrops you receive.

That’s why we maintain strong partnerships with L2 Rollups and develop mutual activities to engage users, such as promotions and airdrops for our community.

Now it’s time to get your wallets ready for the first L2 airdrop with Boba Network!

Rubic x Boba

Boba Network is an Optimistic-based multichain Layer 2 scaling solution that aims to unlock the potential of rollup technology, and enable more flexible blockchain communication. The protocol is fully compatible with EVM-based tools and has already deployed multichain support for Avalanche, BNB, Moonbeam and Fantom, supporting lightning-fast transactions and fees anywhere from 40X to 100X less than the respective Layer 1.

By using Boba as a Layer 2 scaling solution, developers can create decentralized applications that can handle a high volume of transactions while leveraging the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network. This can help to address some of the scalability challenges that have been experienced on the Ethereum network, making it more accessible and efficient for developers and users.

Boba Network is the world’s first multichain L2 in the crypto industry and has been integrated into Rubic since August 2022. Along with the Ethereum L2 Solution, Rubic integrated Boba’s L2 solution for BNB Chain and Avalanche. You can read about Boba Network’s integration with BNB Chain here:

Boba Network is powered by Hybrid Compute technology that brings the power of Web2 on-chain, with smarter smart contracts that allow developers to leverage off-chain computing and real-world data to deliver enriched experiences for decentralized applications.

Rubic x Symbiosis

Cooperation is the blood of Web3, and Rubic and Symbiosis represent a true example of partnership, where synergies drive great results.

Symbiosis was integrated into Rubic in July 2022, and it constitutes a very important part of the Rubic ecosystem. Since then, Rubic has generated over $8.8M of cross-chain swap volume to Symbiosis. It’s great that our users trust the Symbiosis bridge, and it’s leading in the number of transactions in Ethereum and BNB Chain versus other Rubic providers.

For the last few months, Symbiosis has been the second-leading Cross-Chain provider on, generating up to 20% of the total trading volume.

Symbiosis helps Rubic conduct secure, fast, and profitable transactions for its users as well as for the integrators of Rubic’s cross-chain tools (SDK/Widget).

Promotion Rules

Take part in a $45,000 reward pool by swapping to the Boba Network via Symbiosis!

Between March 23 — April 2 2023, users who make swaps to Boba Network via Symbiosis as a provider will get unique NFTs! These NFTs will be your key to the airdrop/claim of the pool of $RBC, $BOBA, and $SIS tokens.

How to get the NFTs

There will be 4 Galxe NFTs to claim after completing various tasks:

Let’s summarize what you need to do to get them:

NFT 1: Swap to Boba Network

Main NFT Preview

1 — Subscribe to the Boba, Rubic, and Symbiosis Twitter accounts

2 — Like + Quote Tweet the Announcement Tweet

3 — Complete Cross-Chain Swaps (min. amount $10) to Boba ETH via Symbiosis on the dedicated landing page.

By completing additional tasks, you get:

NFT2: Participate in a joint AMA (the exact link and date to be shared later)

NFT 3: Hold 5,000 RBC

You need to hold no less than 5,000 RBC in a non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask (not on CEX accounts). It should be the same account from which you perform other tasks to claim the Galxe NFTs.

NFT 4: Add $25 of liquidity to the pool at Boba and keep it no less than till the end of the campaign (Mar 23s- Apr 2nd, 2023)

The liquidity #NFT will be available for claiming on April 3rd. Your funds need to be kept on the Boba Network until the end of the campaign.

Withdrawing Liquidity from the Boba Ethereum Network Pool on the Symbiosis platform.

  1. Visit the Symbiosis website and check the “My Liquidity” tab:
  2. Connect your wallet to the Symbiosis platform.
  3. Choose the Boba Ethereum Network Pool.
  4. Click on the “Manage” button.

5. Click on the “Remove” button.

6. Choose the number of USDC tokens to be removed from the Pool.

7. Switch the network to Boba BNB.

8. If you see the “Approve USDC” button, please approve the token by clicking on the button, and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Gas fee is taken in BOBA tokens. You will receive BOBA as a reward in the Campaign.

9. Click on the “Remove” button.

10. Sign the transaction in your wallet.

Gas fee is taken in BOBA tokens. You will receive BOBA as a reward in the Campaign.

11. You’ll receive sUSDC tokens on the Boba BNB Network.

Bridge your sUSDC tokens for USDC on the Symbiosis Bridge website.

  1. Choose the Boba BNB Network in your wallet.
  2. Connect your wallet to the Symbiosis platform.
  3. Choose the Boba BNB Network and sUSDC tokens in the “Transfer From” selector.

4. Choose the Boba Ethereum Network and USDC tokens in the “Transfer To” selector.

5. Enter the number of tokens for the swap.

6. Click on the “Burn” button

7. Sign the transaction in your wallet.

Gas fee is taken in BOBA tokens. You will receive BOBA as a reward in the Campaign.

8. After bridging, you’ll receive USDC tokens on the Boba Ethereum Network.

You can find the instruction on how to withdraw you liquidity here:

Grab some rare NFTs — your key to future benefits and airdrops!

The prize fund equals $45,000 and consists of $15,000 worth of $RBC, $15,000 in $SIS, and $15,000 in Boba Tokens.

To verify the steps for swaps, liquidity providing, or holding RBC, wait a day for the transfer proofs to be uploaded to Galxe — the NFTs will be available the next day.

Using Rubic is an awesome experience, not only because it’s convenient, but also since users and holders of $RBC become eligible for joint airdrops!




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