Rubic Relay Community Activity

We’re glad to announce that a new community activity is coming! Through it, you’ll be able to earn RBC/BRBC by mentioning our Rubic Relay to other projects; and if they install the Widget, you get big rewards!

The Rubic Relay Widget is undoubtedly an excellent solution to improve user turnover on crypto projects’ websites, and as we continue to promote the Relay ourselves, we also want to reward our community for doing so with us, and for spreading awareness about our project as they always do!

Start date: Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

End date: Thursday, September 30th, 2021

The purpose of the community activity is to reward our most active members for spreading awareness about our project. Your goal is to speak to your choice of projects’ representatives, to tell them about the Widget and its advantages. For every project that integrates the Rubic Relay Widget owing to you, you’ll get your corresponding reward. The amount of the reward depends on its position on CoinGecko.

The requirement for claiming the reward is to provide evidence for cross-marketing activity, such as tweets or other mentions of the Rubic Relay Widget integration by those projects.

Since cross-marketing is an effective way to raise awareness about Rubic, we insist on those projects providing coverage of the integration. On our side, we’ll talk about every integration in our Weekly Report and share the news with our community. And if the project is big enough, we’ll create a tweet as well and announce the integration on other social media accounts.


  1. Positions 1–150 = $1,500 in RBC/BRBC
  2. Positions 151–300 = $1,000 in RBC/BRBC
  3. Positions 301–600 = $700 in RBC/BRBC
  4. Positions 601–1,000 = $450 in RBC/BRBC
  5. Positions 1,001–2,000 = $350 in RBC/BRBC

Don’t miss your chance to get paid for talking about Rubic! We love our community dearly and we wish you all good luck!

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