Rubic Multi-Chain routing Decentralization

3 min readNov 23, 2021


This September, Rubic launched the first-ever Multi-Chain solution which allows users to complete swaps between any tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver and Fantom with just 1 click. Utilizing liquidity pools and our own smart contracts, Rubic provides an extremely easy-to-use Multi-Chain solution to all users.

Rubic is aiming to create a fully decentralized and secure solution for all of our features. In order to increase the security of our user’s transactions and the decentralization of Rubic’s Multi-Chain Routing Protocol, our team has completed some important steps.

How will Rubic decentralize the current Multi-Chain Routing Protocol solution?

First, our team excluded the centralized management mechanism of Multi-Chain Routing smart contracts. To create a decentralized solution for the management of our Multi-Chain Routing smart contracts, our team is using the Gnosis Safe multisig. This project allows us to create and use multisig management of our smart contracts.

Gnosis Safe — What is it?

Gnosis Safe builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance.

Gnosis has been developing blockchain-based wallet solutions since 2017, and has earned a reputation in the industry for engineering and security expertise. Gnosis Safe is the most trusted platform to manage digital assets on Ethereum. The Safe Apps ecosystem enables access to DeFi tools and protocols for use-cases such as swapping, borrowing and staking assets from directly within Safe multisig.

With Gnosis Safe, a company with 3 managers can set up their wallets to require approval for 2 of the 3 managers for major transactions. This ensures that no funds are misused by a single person.

In addition, Gnosis Safe gives users full custody over their funds, meaning users are in control 100% of the time and have access to funds 24/7.

Gnosis Safe is one of the leading multisig solutions on the market. It is used by well-known projects, such as Harmony, 1inch, SushiSwap and Aave.

How will it work for Rubic?

The Gnosis Safe requires 2 of 3 wallets to confirm every transaction in order to execute it, which prevents unauthorized access to company crypto.

From now on, the management of our Smart Contracts will be handled with the approval of the heads of the Rubic team and an approval from one non-team member.

There will be 3 people who will have access for the management of Smart Contract:

1 — Vladimir Tikhomirov

Vladimir is a founder of Rubic. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT and has been involved in crypto since 2017.

Vladimir’s address is: 0x105A3BA3637A29D36F61c7F03f55Da44B4591Cd1

2 — Korneva Alexandra

Alexandra is a Rubic Co-founder, she has more than 7 years of experience and worked globally with different crypto projects such as Cointelegraph, Blockshow, Cryptofriends, NEO, and many others.

Alexandra’s address is: 0x836f2051cDe3ba744aafE668F6a6070BA80668F9

3 — Dmitry Ershov

Dmitry is the Rock’n’Block CEO, with tremendous experience in creating blockchain projects. Rock’n’Block is one of the industry’s top blockchain developers in 2021.

Dmitry’s address is: 0x9499179d309B6Bf0253DcE9A35c2E37a75C41E47

They will be responsible for the Management of Rubic’s Multi-Chain Routing smart contracts, in order to prevent any unauthorized access to Rubic’s smart contracts.

The Rubic team is focused on bringing more decentralization and security to our platform for our users. The usage of Gnosis Safe Multisig will significantly increase the security and decentralization of our Multi-Chain Routing smart contracts.

Thank you for your support!

About Rubic

Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users and dApps.

Our vision is that Rubic’s new umbrella SDK will aggregate the best Web3 cross-chain tech — from signals and oracles, to tokens and NFT bridges, in ready-made templates for DEXs, Lending/Farms, and more. This will help developers easily make their Web3 dApps cross-chain, regardless of what their function is.

Right now, Rubic aggregates 40+ major blockchains, 90+ DEXs and bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds — in one click. Users can do it on, but we also provide tools for dApps to enable cross-chain swaps (

On top of that, Rubic’s app and our cross-chain widget provide fiat on-ramp services, making crypto easy to access and buy.




Rubic aggregates 70+ blockchains & testnets, and enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, & transaction speeds — in one click!