Rubic Hack Bounty Campaign

On December 25th, Christmas Day, Rubic faced a hacker attack. Taking into account the day and time, along with the very fast and precise actions, it was clearly well-planned, thought through, and executed by professionals. However, we believe that together with the whole of the crypto community, we are able to track the funds, as well as the malefactors.

Therefore, we’re announcing an open call to track the hacker, offering up to $25,000 (or its equivalent in RBC) for information which allows us to uncover his identity + an additional $50,000 after the stolen money is returned.

Here’s the address from which the attack began:


Peckshield’s analysis of its mechanics:

We believe that, thanks to whitehat hackers and the community, we will be able to find and punish the criminal.

Please send the results to our official email or contact our Support Team, either via our main website at or on Telegram at

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