Results of a Trybe Competition!

Hello, dear community!

Firstly, we thank all participants that had time to express their visions about Rubic.

Each text is unique, and we are happy that we have such a wonderful community!

The first place goes to @goe1905 who wrote a very persuasive text about Rubic and the platform’s benefits. He will get 10K RBC! Article published:

The second place goes to @maxplanck with a great article about Rubic by highlighting our platform’s features. He will get 5K RBC! Article published:

As there were no more participants, we are happy to reward with the remaining amount @JRDiegel, who helped us a lot in promoting this Competition!

Congrats to everyone and well done!

To redeem your prizes, please contact @korneva_a (Telegram).

More competitions to come!

There is no need to be disappointed that you haven’t participated in this competition, soon Rubic’s team will announce a new one.

It’s time to reveal your inner graphic designer because our next event is a MEME competition! Stay tuned to be updated.

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