NFT Giveaway to Celebrate Rubic’s Birthday

  • An array of new networks have been integrated into Rubic: Cronos, OKX, Boba, CELO, Moonbeam, Fuse, ETHPOW, Optimism, Gnosis, and finally, Bitcoin, making it 18 chains in total for cross-chain swaps!
  • The number of supported tokens spiked to 15,500, which is the biggest the market currently offers.
  • Rubic has become the premier aggregator of cross-chain providers, such as Celer, Symbiosis, deBridge, Via Exchange, Rango, and LI.FI. This gives us over 70+ DEXs & bridges, and helps provide seamless services even if a particular bridge or provider stops working!
  • We launched stable, trustworthy, convenient, and constantly-updated cross-chain SDK and widget solutions for crypto projects, and helped more than 90+ projects to become cross-chain.
  • We reached over a 271M total swap volume, more than 53,700 users, and 13,000 token holders. Rubic’s Market Cap grew from $0.5M to over $7M.
  • Rubic received grants from Celer, deBridge, NEAR, Harmony One, Symbiosis, Bitgert, Polygon, and Telos to develop its ecosystem by integrating more solutions for its cross-chain functionality.
  • Our Twitter spiked to over 50K followers, and Discord members exceeded 8.8K!
  • Rubic launched a simple and ready-to-use NFT Cross-Chain Trading tool to purchase NFTs right on projects’ websites, in batches, and using funds on any chain.
  • Rubic’s team started with just 4 people. Since then, we have grown into a huge team of professionals: web and 3D designers, front-end and back-end developers, business development, as well as marketing and support managers who maintain high-quality service for Rubic’s users and integrators!
  1. Transaction times
  2. The number of integrated bridges, DEXs, and tokens
  3. On Rubic, you can make a secure swap in ONE click at the best rate

Cheers to Rubic and cheers to the community!

NFT giveaway is coming!

  1. If you make a cross-chain swap via a dedicated provider during our Birthday Giveaway, you will receive a guaranteed Anniversary NFT.
  2. The most frequent swappers will be competing for the best piece of the cake — rare NFTs with utility, providing year-long zero fees on
  3. Additionally, we will conduct 5 AMA sessions during the promotion weeks, where you will be able to get an AMA NFT.
  1. Join Rubic’s and our partner’s Discord/Twitter (to be specified every week).

The rules for September 26 — October 2, Symbiosis:

The rules for October 3— October 9, LI.FI:

The rules for October 10— October 16, Celer:

The rules for October 17— October 23, Rango:

The rules for October 24 — October 30, deBridge:

Enjoy, celebrate, and stay cubic with Rubic!



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Rubic: A 'one-click' #CrossChain Service + tools to enable it for #dApps. Trade over 15,500+ #tokens across 26 #networks, through the aggregation of 60+ #DEXs!