New UI Official Launch!

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our new UI.

For the last month, we have been working on implementing a new UI which will help users easily navigate their first multichain DEX. The Rubic team will continue working on improvements for the new UI, to create the best possible user experience.

When the Rubic team decided to upgrade our UI, we created a contest among our community so that we could gather ideas from our users, with the goal of creating the best UI possible. We loved some designs that had been suggested by the participants, and though we gained some great ideas from the contestants’ awesome mock-ups, we didn’t manage to find one that would sufficiently meet all of our requirements. We then hired several designers who created mock-ups of the new UI. Now, it has finally been transitioned into our new platform.

The launch of the new UI gives rise to a new chapter in Rubic’s history. Our new UI will allow us to integrate even more features into our platform, and will also initiate an active marketing campaign, the plans for which will be shared with our community.

The global site-wide release of the new UI will replace the original UI at the beginning of July.

The new UI will function in a test mode for the next several weeks. We welcome users and developers to participate and help with improving the UI by reporting any and all bugs and/or offering comments and suggestions on the current iteration, as they see fit.

Currently, in this version, several features are not available. We will be changing that in the following few weeks. Below is a list of the features which will be unavailable at first.

Starting next week, we’ll be integrating the following features into the new UI:

Instant Trades on BSC and Polygon networks are currently unavailable in the new UI.

Tron Bridge

Cross-Chain Swaps — Currently unavailable from Polygon to ETH at the moment.

Auto-Update of Instant Trades

Advanced Options for Instant Trades

After next week, these additional features will become available in the new UI:

Order Books and Limit Orders — They will go live the final week of June / first week of July.

My Trades Information — Currently it’s showing placeholder information, but it will be fixed with the final update in July.

Analytics — It currently redirects to, but later it will open CryptoKek charts directly on

Mobile support — It will be available in the final UI update in the beginning of July

During these next few weeks, we encourage you to give us your suggestions and recommendations for how to improve our UI/UX. It is also possible that the new UI will contain undetected bugs, and in the case that you find any, you’re welcome to inform us by writing an email to or to fill out this form. Rubic strives to create the best platform for all users.

We invite you to check it out here:

My Rubic Stays Cubic. and

Rubic is a multichain DeFi ecosystem, which features cross-chain, P2P, instant swaps, and limit orders across multiple blockchains, aiming to deliver a complete ONE-STOP decentralized platform. Rubic platform is the place where users can complete cross-chain swaps using different solutions and get the best rates from all leading protocols (thanks to a DEX aggregator implementation), as well as P2P swaps within an Order Book where users can make deals on their terms.

For the moment, Rubic supports trades on Ethereum, Polygon (ex Matic), and Binance Smart Chain networks.

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Rubic Multichain DeFi Platform that organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage, and trade tokens in a decentralized way in ONE PLACE.