New partnership with Cryptokek announces a new partnership with Cryptokek to create a better user experience and functionality for both platforms!

We are happy to announce the partnership between Rubic Multichain DeFi Platform and Cryptokek, to create better UI and features for both platforms!

This partnership will allow Rubic users to use the Cryptokek token explorer directly on! And also shortly users of Cryptokek will be able to trade through directly on their platform.

Both platforms are listening to their community members to create the best user experience. This partnership was suggested by the members of our communities and it for sure will have a positive effect on both platforms!

Cryptokek and Rubic Plans

The Cryptokek is a new platform with the purpose to provide the fastest token explorer for the users and to create the best UI and UX for them. The creators of the platform are always listening to the community and are trying to improve their platform constantly.

Rubic platforms goal is to become a user-friendly ONE place solution for all of the crypto users. This includes not only features like cross-chain solutions and instant trades, but also the best UX. This partnership will help Rubic platform to complete one of the main targets for Q2, to upgrade our UI and give the ability for users to explore tokens at our platform.

The number of cross-chain solutions is growing

Rubic DeFi project is already leading crypto into a new level of adoption. Our team is constantly making big steps forward, becoming the ONE-STOP solution for all of the users of the blockchain.

The partnership with Cryptokek is another step taken forward towards the complex integration of new features to the platform with the ability to integrate our platform to other projects.

But the most important point of this integration is to simplify UX and to introduce the token explorer for our users. This cooperation will represent the attentive attitude of both platforms to the opinion of our community.

About Cryptokek

The Cryptokek token is a utility + DAO token that allows you to access’s suite of blockchain data analytics tools to make better investment decisions. Try our app here

In the future the KEK token will grant access to premium features such as: advanced in-house analytics, bots, API access, access ETH archive nodes, app cosmetic changes and more!

Cryptokek is constantly improving and is listening to their community to make the best and most innovative steps forward. Help sail the ship and join us on our adventure!

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About Rubic and

Rubic is a multichain DeFi ecosystem, which features cross-chain, P2P, instant swaps, and limit orders across multiple blockchains, aiming to deliver a complete ONE-STOP decentralized platform. Rubic platform is the place where users can swap tokens and get the best rates from all leading protocols (thanks to a DEX aggregator implementation), as well as P2P swaps within an Order Book where users can make deals on their own terms.

For the moment, Rubic supports trades on Ethereum, Polygon (ex Matic), and Binance Smart Chain networks.

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