Matic Network integrates with the Rubic platform

Rubic platform justifies its title as a multichain platform, adding another blockchain to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain — the Ethereum scalability solution of Matic Network.

After the implementation of Matic is complete, users can trade, transform their tokens, and exchange them internally at Also, the MATIC token will be placed on the trading platform Rubic from the start.

The integration process between Matic and Rubic has already begun. Stay tuned for updates, as it will be live next week.

Matic Network is a scalable Layer 2 solution where an increase in network bandwidth is achieved by integrating with side chains. Transaction processing will be lightning-fast and fully secure through the use of Plasma infrastructure and a distributed network of validators.

Therefore, users can pay for, transfer, or store crypto assets without worrying about the complexity of the underlying system.

Now you can bring MATIC tokens from the Ethereum network to the Matic network — transfer them inside the Rubic platform. (Note: Any Ethereum address is compatible with the Matic network).

The Matic project is designed to simplify interactions between users and the decentralized world.

Matic Network will have all the features an exchange platform should have — faster, cheaper transactions. It can support decentralized exchanges and provide reliable, simple crypto trading on

In addition, it plans to integrate with the MyWish platform, where everyone can create Matic tokens and start a crowdsale.

Matic will allow developers to create contracts in the same way they did in Ethereum. But, deployment on Matic provides significant scalability and efficiency while maintaining the security guarantees of Ethereum.