Matic integration into Rubic is completed announces the implementation of the Matic Network service on the platform.

The integration process between Matic and Rubic is fully completed. Our development team is once again ahead of schedule. Now our users can trade, transform their tokens, and exchange them internally at Also, the MATIC token is placed on the trading platform Rubic for trading.

Now you can create and execute any trades inside of Matic Network thanks to Rubic.

Rubic P2P Trades Features

  • An option to lock liquidity allows projects to withdraw their liquidity before the trade is closed. This ensures the security of the users’ funds.
  • Ability to make crowdsales. Up to 10 investors are admitted to participate on each side.
  • No volume limits, you can set any acceptable price and terms.
  • No need to list tokens, you can start trading immediately after creation.
  • Brokerage fees can be directly selected and set percentage, it is convenient for all, and brokers can get their commission.
  • Public/Private deals. Each trade has its own link and can be easily shared with other participants.

You can try to create your first trade in the Matic Network Blockchain right now:

The first trades were executed successfully!

The main purpose of the cooperation is to simplify interactions between users and the decentralized world. Matic Network will have all the features an exchange platform should have — faster, cheaper transactions. It can support decentralized exchanges and provide reliable, simple crypto trading on

Future plans also remain to expand the boundaries of cooperation within which it has been decided to integrate with the MyWish platform, where everyone can create Matic-based tokens and start a crowdsale.

About Matic
Matic Network is a scalable Layer 2 solution where an increase in network bandwidth is achieved by integrating with side chains. Transaction processing will be lightning-fast and fully secure through the use of Plasma infrastructure and a distributed network of validators.
Therefore, users can pay for, transfer, or store crypto assets without worrying about the complexity of the underlying system.

About Rubic
Multichain DeFi platform Rubic organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage, and trade tokens decentralized in ONE PLACE. Rubic P2P trades is a decentralized P2P platform. It helps users to make trades on their terms, share, and generate revenue.



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