Instant Trades on Rubic is now live

The instant trades solution for Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) is now live.

Now you can instantly trade your tokens using Rubic’s Instant Trades feature. Try it now at and tell us your experience.

The launch of instant trades for the Ethereum network within the Rubic ecosystem is just the first stage of a bigger picture that focuses on cross-chain solutions — the main Rubic’s goal.

The implementation of instant trades will offer users another way to swap tokens, besides choosing their own terms when trading, with a new handy and quick way to exchange tokens instantly.

Instant trades functionality is provided by the 1inch DEX aggregator platform which offers the best rates by discovering the most efficient swapping routes across all leading DEXes and support for lots of tokens.

Two available ways of using Rubic’s platform:

1. P2P trades: Create your trade and choose your rates.
You set your conditions for the deals and wait for others to match your requirements and wait for the trade’s expiration time. To speed the deal after creating it, you can share its link with the second party. P2P trades work on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, with more blockchains to be supported soon.

2. Instant trades: Create an instant trade using an external DEX integration.
You enter the necessary data you want to exchange and the quantity and you can count on the instant swap at the offered rate by the integrated DEX.

Currently, the solution is available only for Ethereum-based tokens.

Also we are working on adding Instant Trades feature for Binance Smart Chain and Matic. Progress in this direction is already made so stay tuned for updates.

Instant trades is a feature that was created by having in mind an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for users to trade seamlessly under one platform.

The next milestone after the full network coverage of the instant trade feature will be a challenging cross-chain solution for exchanging tokens between different blockchains. Do not miss this out, stay tuned for updates.

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