How to Scale Up Your Business with Cross-Chain Web3

Rubic Enhances Cross-Chain Web3

Why is Cross-Chain Web3 Important?

What is the Best Cross-Chain Solution?

  1. Integrating a bridge.
  2. Launching on different blockchains.
  3. Implementing Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools.
  • Cross-chain bridges allow the exchanging of a token for the same token residing on a different blockchain. For instance, USDT (BEP-20) can be exchanged into USDT (ERC-20), and no other way.
  • Bridges utilize different technologies. You need to spend plenty of time on researching a bridge considering the estimated transaction time, speed, security, level of decentralization, and more.
  • For developers, everything needs to be done from scratch — the calculations, processing of events, etc. This is time-consuming and takes up a lot of human resources.
  • If a bridge stops operating, your cross-chain solution will fail, too. Moreover, the bridges are limited in terms of the swappable volumes, and if a bridge runs out of liquidity for certain assets, your platform won’t let users make a swap for them.
  • By launching your project on 4 networks, you will split your liquidity — $600 million will become $150 million on each of them. You get smaller liquidity and degrade your tokenomics. With such fragmented liquidity, there will be less finances to develop your project further.
  • This is a much more time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process than even integrating a bridge. It won’t take hours, days, or weeks, but months. Are you sure you are ready for this?
  • Essentially, even if launched on different blockchains, you still need to develop an additional multi-chain solution that will allow users to swap assets between these blockchains.

Implementing Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools

70+ crypto projects already use Rubic’s SDK or Widget to kickstart major incoming value, for both their token and their project.

Why Choose Web3 Cross-Chain?

The Web3 revolution is getting closer, and you can become one of its pioneers.



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