Get a fee refund and join Aurora+ using!

Rubic + Aurora Promotion: Win $1,000, or Rubic fee refund NFTs, for the swaps to Aurora

  1. Go to and complete the Cross-Chain swap to the Aurora network.
  2. Take a screenshot of a successful transaction.
  3. Follow @cryptorubic and @auroraisnear on Twitter.
  4. Quote the announcement post, attach a screenshot of a successful swap, and share it, tagging @cryptorubic and @auroraisnear.
  5. Create the account on the Aurora+ or enter your account email in the AirLyft form.

Why would one be interested in swapping to Aurora?

  1. 50 free transactions per month.
  2. Aurora Staking. Aurora+ members who stake Aurora tokens will enjoy not only a continuous stream of Aurora rewards, but also streams of rewards from the best projects throughout the Aurora ecosystem!
  3. Paid Premium Plans. In case you need more than 50 transactions per month, Aurora provides you the ability to purchase Aurora+ Premium plans that allows users to access the features and services that perfectly fit their needs.
  4. Governance Participation. Aurora+ members who stake Aurora will be eligible to participate in the governance of the Aurora protocol, through participation in the Aurora DAO.

How to join Aurora+ Staking using Rubic

  1. Complete a Cross-Chain swap to the Aurora token on the Aurora network using
  2. Go to and confirm your wallet.
  3. Follow the tutorial and add your personal Aurora+ network.
  4. Open the dashboard.
  5. Stake your Aurora tokens!

What is the Aurora network?



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