Cross-Chain Web3: The Future of dApps?

  • SushiSwap: Sarang, Core Developer
  • Chainge Finance: Dejun Qian, CEO/Founder
  • Celer: Steve Yu, VP of Business Development and Operations
  • deBridge: Alex Smirnov, CEO, and Co-Founder
  • Symbiosis: Nick Avramov, CMO and Co-Founder
  • Axelar: Jason Ma, Director of Business Development
  • Rubic: Vladimir Tikhomirov, Founder
  • XP Network: Dima Brook, CTO
  1. Cross-Chain as a DeFi service: What are its prospects?
  2. Cross-Chain interoperability for dApps: Use cases and Providers
  3. Integrating cross-chain in dApps: Pros and Cons
  4. Integrative solutions: Do Cross-Chain dApps need to be united?
  5. Project Growth Strategies: Cross-Chain. Does it really bring in a new audience?
  6. Building a Cross-Chain DEX: Why is it not as popular amongst the leading players?
  7. Bridging NFTs across layers: Ups and Downs
  8. What should be the next step for interoperability in DeFi? What is the “ideal” project for this role?
  9. What types of projects will lead the way in uniting networks?
  10. Is Cross-Chain the future of crypto, or its ultimate demise?
  11. Cross-Chain and other DeFi services: What are the cons preventing the expansion?
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  2. Join the panel discussion and stay for no less than 30 minutes.
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