Cross-chain bridge RBC — BRBC and $BRBC tutorial

Here you will be able to find the answers to the most frequent questions about BRBC and our Cross-chain RBC — BRBC bridge!


To understand the context, BRBC is a wrapped version of RBC in the BSC network.

This wrapped version is created to allow users to trade in the BSC network. This will allow them to pay fewer fees and create an ability to use Rubic token for more users.

The current supply for $BRBC is 1.000.000 tokens.

For the following 24 hours (31.03.2021–01.04.2021) we will check the demand for $BRBC, and we will increase the supply of it based on popularity.

Currently there will be temporary limitations for cross-chain bridge $RBC — $BRBC. The limit is 50.000 $BRBC.

This limit will be changed tomorrow based on the demand of $BRBC

In case if in this time all of the 1 million $BRBC will be swapped, Rubic automatically will create a queue for the bridge. After minting extra tokens $BRBC we will increase the supply and in the order of the queue $BRBC will be transferred to the users.

Cross-chain bridge RBC — BRBC

The fees for using Bridge for BRBC and RBC will be:

From $RBC(Ethereum) to $BRBC(BSC) — 5 $RBC(Ethereum)

From $BRBC(BSC) to $RBC(Ethereum)- 100 $BRBC(BSC)

The reason why the fee from $BRBC to $RBC is higher is that gas prices in the Ethereum network are higher too. It’s possible to make these fees lower from $BRBC to $RBC, but it will significantly increase the time for the transaction to complete.

Currently, there is no swap status table for Cross-chain bridge $RBC — $BRBC and as a user, you will have to wait until tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

However tomorrow we plan to introduce the table with swaps status. This table will be similar to the cross-chain swaps status table.

Users will be able to find the status of the $RBC — $BRBC swap there.

At first, the fee will be changed manually at the end of every week (or in case of jumps in the exchange rate), but soon we will create an automatic solution for that.

There will be fees, but only to pay gas for the swap. The fee will be paid in the token that you want to swap. For example, you will swap RBC to wrapped RBC, the fee will be paid in RBC

In the nearest future, we will integrate PancakeSwap or BurdgerSwap to support BRBC for instant trades on the Rubic platform. Please wait for the announcement!

We want to thank everyone for supporting our team. We will continue implementing new features to create the best product for our users.

If you have any questions left, you can ask them at our discord channel #support

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