Celer & Rubic: Hidden Cross-Chain DNA

Celer Network in the Rubic Ecosystem

What is Celer?

  1. The Celer State Guardian Network (SGN) is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built on Tendermint that serves as the message router between different blockchains. Validator nodes have to stake $CELR tokens to join the consensus process of the SGN. The CELR token is the protocol token for the Celer Network, and the $CELR staking process is a crucial part of the economic security of the Celer Inter-chain Message Framework. To use the SGN’s message routing service and to store the multi-signature attestation, users must pay a fee to the SGN for these services. These usage fees are distributed to the CELR stakers and validators for their work in securing the network to the block reward.

What is the Celer Inter-chain Message Framework?

How does the Celer Inter-chain Message Framework function?

  1. To send a message or invoke a smart contract function cross-chain, a user or a dApp will first send their intention as a message with a structured header and arbitrary binary payload to a Message Bus smart contract on the source chain.
  2. Then the validator, the State Guardian Network, will first reach a consensus on the existence of such a message and concurrently generate a stake-weighed multi-signature attestation.
  3. This attestation is then relayed to the destination via an Executor subscribing to the message.
  4. On the destination chain, the same Message Bus contract exists to check the validity of the message and triggers the corresponding logic associated with the message, either immediately or after a timeout.

PoS and Optimistic-rollup-like Security Models

Celer Inter-Chain Message Design Patterns

  1. ETH -> USDT on the Arbitrum side via DEX
  2. USDT on Arbitrum is bridged to BSC via cBridge as part of the Celer IM framework
  3. An inter-chain message to execute a USDT->BNB swap is sent to BSC via Celer IM
  4. USDT -> BNB swap on BSC-side DEX is triggered by that remote call on SushiSwap

Cross-chain logic execution with accompanying token transfer

Cross-chain logic execution without fund transfer

Celer: Unlimited, Decentralized, Secure

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