BRBC Staking: Second Round

Second Round of BRBC Staking Main Points:

To continue our tradition, we would firstly like to share with you the main points about our upcoming BRBC Staking:

  • The predicted APR is 30.00% with full occupancy.
  • Users will be able to join/leave our staking campaign at any moment, and rewards will be distributed accordingly.
  • Rubic will distribute the rewards in BRBC tokens on a daily basis.
  • The Staking contract will be deployed on the BNB Chain.
  • The Total Staking Pool will be 7,000,000 BRBC.
  • Duration: 6 months

Detailed mechanics about BRBC staking pool

  • A maximum deposit amount (the highest amount of tokens one may stake) is set for 100,000 BRBC tokens for each participating address. Users will be able to stake their tokens multiple times until they reach the cap.
  • Staking is run by pools with a limited maximum deposit amount and a limited time, which makes it possible to set a predictable APR. Thus, the number of addresses in each Staking pool is limited.
  • Users will get xRBC tokens (BEP-20) as a guarantee of their participation in Staking.
  • Users who have participated in the first round of BRBC staking will be whitelisted for the Second round of BRBC staking. The allocation amount will be announced later on.
  • Staking contracts will be deployed in BSC. However, all of our holders, including of Ethereum & Polygon versions of RBC, will be able to participate.



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