Binance Smart Chain is Integrated into

3 min readOct 23, 2020


Rubic allows you to create, manage, and trade decentralized tokens and simplify DeFi services for users and projects in the Binance Smart Chain.

The integration of Binance Smart Chain with Rubic is now completed. The following integration scenarios are currently accessible: create a token, make a crowdsale, and start trading. All of these functions can be executed on the same platform thanks to MyWish & Rubic integration.

Users can go to the platform, create a BEP20 token, and start trading it on

How It Works

- Select a blockchain on the platform

- Fill in the token and sum input data

- Create a trade

It is possible to pay for fees with BNB tokens, then later with RBC fuel. It should be noted that each paid transaction is charged by the Rubic tokens for burning.

Rubic P2P Trades Features

  • An option to lock liquidity allows projects to withdraw their liquidity before the trade is closed. This ensures the security of the users’ funds.
  • Ability to make crowdsales. Up to 10 investors are admitted to participate on each side.
  • No volume limits, you can set any acceptable price and terms.
  • No need to list token, you can start trading immediately after creation.
  • Brokerage fees can be directly selected and set percentage, it is convenient for all, and brokers can get their commission.
  • Public/Private deals. Each trade has its own link and can be easily shared with other participants.


  • Instant trades
  • Limit orders

The Purpose of This Integration

Tokens based on Binance are gaining popularity and are actively traded on exchanges.

You can also create your own token on Binance via the MyWish Smart Contract Platform and immediately start trading on without having to list it.

You can try to swap your Binance Smart Chain tokens on Rubic right now!

Watch the video tutorial: How to trade BEP20 tokens on

We thank our Binance partner for their assistance for the DeFi world. Shortly, we plan to integrate with other projects on Binance Smart Chain for instant trades and limited orders. Stay tuned!

About Binance Smart Chain

With Binance Smart Chain, you can develop dApps in the Binance Chain ecosystem and create products for the DeFi industry. This blockchain infrastructure allows Binance Chain to work with the Binance DEX decentralized exchange and various crypto assets. Besides, the Binance Smart Chain is compatible with the Virtual Etherium Machine (EVM), which implies the ability to integrate Ethereum-based tools.

About Rubic

Multichain DeFi platform Rubic organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage, and trade tokens decentralized in ONE PLACE.
Rubic P2P trades is a decentralized P2P platform. It helps users to make trades on their terms, share, and generate revenue.




Rubic's Best Rate Finder tool for crypto swaps aggregates 70+ blockchains, 220+ DEXs and bridges, and 15,500+ crypto assets.