Rubic and Solv created a strategic partnership to come up with the best solutions for users of both platforms

Solv protocol will allow Rubic to mint $RBC on Solv Vouchers. This will improve the transparency and transferability of the $RBC token for all stakeholders. The partnership with Solv protocol will allow the protocol to integrate Rubic Relay widget to their platform and adopt Rubic’s cross-chain solutions to realize multichain liquidity of Financial NFTs.

Solv designed a novel and powerful token standard called versatile NFT (vNFT for short) in order to further implement Financial NFTs. …

It’s time for an important Weekly Update!


1.UI Update

Today, we launched the Beta version of our new UI. The new UI will function in a test mode for the next several weeks. We welcome users and developers to participate and help with improving the UI by reporting any and all bugs and/or offering comments and suggestions on the current iteration, as they see fit.

During these next few weeks, we are open to your suggestions and recommendations. It is also possible that the new UI will contain undetected bugs, and in case you find any, you’re welcome to inform us by writing an email to…

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our new UI.

For the last month, we have been working on implementing a new UI which will help users easily navigate their first multichain DEX. The Rubic team will continue working on improvements for the new UI, to create the best possible user experience.

When the Rubic team decided to upgrade our UI, we created a contest among our community so that we could gather ideas from our users, with the goal of creating the best UI possible. We loved some designs that had been suggested by the participants, and…

Rubic is happy to announce the partnership with Netvrk, a social Virtual Reality platform on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to create, share, and monetize your creations easily.

This partnership will allow users to buy NTVRK directly at the project website using the Rubic Relay widget and later we will integrate to the Netvrk social virtual reality world which will allow users to trade using directly in that world.

What is Netvrk?

NetVRk is social Virtual Reality platform on the blockchain. NetVRk functions as a combination of Virtual Reality and blockchains technologies. NetVRk team strives to…

It’s that time again for our Weekly Update!


1.UI Development and Release Date Updates

Last week, we showed our community the first mock-ups of Rubic’s new UI. We have updated these mock-ups and just about every member of the dev team is actively working on implementing the new UI/UX.

Planned Released Date: June 18th

We’re happy to release our MATIC Crypto Tap today, which will allow any user to easily start trading on the Polygon network!

Using a new blockchain for the first time requires users to own the blockchain’s native token in order to facilitate activity on the new blockchain network. The token is used to provide a financial incentives to miners on the network so they can validate block transactions. Rubic’s Crypto Tap allows any user to easily start using new blockchains without the need to leave

Purchasing MATIC using Rubic’s Tap will enable users to easily make their first trades…

Here is our weekly update!


  1. xDai

We have successfully integrated WalletConnect into our decentralized exchange platform, and it allows many more users to become a part of Rubic’s ecosystem.

The integration of WalletConnect is a very important feature for Rubic’s growing ecosystem. From now on, users of more than 70 wallets will have direct access to our multichain DeFi platform. This integration will significantly help both new and experienced traders to begin and continue using

At the moment, our WalletConnect functionality is only available on desktops. However, we are working on integrating a mobile version, and we are in contact with WalletConnect in order to…

We are happy to announce that is creating a new partnership with xDai to facilitate cross-chain solutions between Ethereum and xDai!

This integration will allow Rubic users to access cross-chain solutions between Ethereum network and xDai. The bridge allows transferring DAI tokens to the xDai network, which features nearly zero fees, stable-based transactions and fast transaction speeds.

The integration between xDai and Rubic will help users of multiple blockchains extend the already existing and planned amount of cross-chain solutions located at

More and more users of the Ethereum blockchain are looking for additional networks which allow asset trading…

Today, we have randomly chosen the winners of our Rubic Trading Lottery!
The winners are…

1- 0xcde…39ad1 This person has won a $1,000 or an Iphone 12 Pro and a special Rubic hoodie!
2–0x1c0…85a9f This person has won $250 and a Rubic hoodie!
3–0xd56…9f0a9 This person has won $100 and a Rubic hoodie!

Here is the video of Co-Founder Alexandra Korneva getting the random results of the competition:

We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest!

If you are a winner of the Lottery please contact us via Twitter and send us a link to your retweeted post!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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