Hello community!

Last Friday we had a live AMA session!

Thanks for watching our AMA session and asking so many great questions.

Here you will be able to find answers to the main questions that were discussed during the AMA session.

National holidays, development, marketing

The team will be on holiday from 1st till 11th of May (it’s national holidays). We will continue common marketing activities and AMAs during this time.

From a development perspective, we have a big release next week including Coingecko API, Cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Polygon, Quickswap integration, and IFrame.

RBC token’s usage as a transactional tax asset

There was a long story regarding RBC usage: our early holders remember that we charged a fee in the beginning, then we removed the fee to provide the best rates on the market. And now we have a cross-chain solution that is competitive and we can introduce new RBC usage. Instead of charging commission in tokens or native currency, we can charge RBC or provide discounts for token holders. We are still discussing this and trying to find the best way to implement it.

When will the new UI go live?

We expect to complete new UI mockups by the middle of May and share them with the community. After that, it will take about 2–4 weeks to integrate the new UI.

How does Rubic plan to increase liquidity & volume?

As you know, we have already had a Staking Liquidity Campaign and we will announce a new campaign for Binance Smart Chain in the middle of May. We also believe that we need much more holders to reduce fluctuations.

More details about Anonymizer and how it works.

We will release a big article about anonymizer, but at the moment we can share with you some details of how it will work.

The user will deposit funds and get a special code. By using this code you are able to trade or withdraw the funds. There is no way to understand the connection between deposit and next operations. It will work for all tokens, not just for 3 base tokens as on Tornado cash. Of course, anonimizer won’t work if it will have only one user who will make a deposit — we need many users to complete it for the feature to work correctly.

This feature may not work for Ethereum, since deposits can be extremely expensive.

We will implement it for Polygon first and later for Binance Smart Chain.

Also, we are planning to integrate it to Rubic as an option for making trades in private mode.

The code of it will not be expired. It’s based on ZK technology. We will publish a big article with the architecture of it and also it will be audited by tier1 company, because of the complicated code and its significance for security. Please wait for bigger articles and documentation.

Hiring more team members

Yes, we are constantly looking for new candidates, a new engineer will join the team in May, he accepted the offer already. There are 9 developers now. Also, we will hire more people to the marketing team.

Do you use Panama or a custom bridge?

We use our own solution for RBC<>BRBC bridge, developed in collaboration with MyWish. More tokens will come to Rubic soon, which will use the same technology. Generally saying bridge integrations is one of the main priorities for us now since we are getting a new audience and the area is not so competitive.

What blockchains are you already working on and which ones are you most interested in integrating?

TRON is interesting for us because of the USDT perspective and we are planning to add a bridge to it. Solana, HECO, Avalanche, XRP, Dash are under consideration as the candidates.

Any progress or ETA on major CEX listings?

CEX will give us more holders and improve product visibility. This is an important step and we should do it. Now we are focusing on DEXs since it’s our product core. Let’s see on Uniswap v3 launch and QuickSwap listing for RBC and make the decision after it.

Will you add Rubic iFrame on CoinGecko for token swaps?

That’s a great idea! Let us make the first integrations with CryptoKek and other partners before offering it to the giants.

Fiat on-ramp for the Rubic Exchange?

Yes, I think we are ready to think about it. Will consider it in May, and probably add one-two providers in June.

Do you have plans for allowing U.S. residents to purchase BNB?

Yes, we have already had a brainstorm for this idea. There are several concepts, and hopefully, one of them will be developed in May.

Where do you see Rubic 1 year from now?

I hope that everyone here is understanding that Rubic’s team has big ambitions: almost everyone in the team wants to develop the leading product. We are not here for price speculations, we want to develop the best product in our niche and believe that RBC price is correlated with it.

What is the next wallet to be added?

Thanks for voting on our social media! After voting, we have decided to integrate the Coinbase wallet first.

Will you add more tutorials for Rubic.exchange?

Yes, we will do more tutorials and update previous ones when the new UI will be released.

Do you plan to create Limit Orders for other networks?

Sure, we are planning to create limit orders for BSC or Polygon networks. We will try to create it in May

Do you have future plans for creating routing using different chains?

We will try to implement more updates for our Routing system so users would be able to use cross-chain swaps. It might take about a month to implement it.

Will you continue to work with your partners?

We are open to creating partnerships with projects. we are fully committed to add the stats from CryptoKek to our site and integrate the widget to CryptoKek for all the pairs.

Rubic community
We want to thank our community for encouraging and supporting us. We carefully listen to you and always try to implement new ideas that you suggest and you always can submit them to our discord or in our telegram.

Is a larger Rubic team AMA planned for the future?

Yes, we are planning to make a bigger AMA session with most of the Rubic team members. We will inform you later.

When will you update One Pager, White paper and etc.?

We will update our One Pager and White paper after May’s holidays, this update will also include a new roadmap for Rubic.

When will you add Liquidity for Polygon RBC?

We are planning to add liquidity for our wrapped RBC for Polygon soon after the launch of the Polygon bridge and the integration of Quickswap to our platform.

When will we be able to buy Rubic hoodies?

It will be ready at the end of May or in June. We will update you about it

Will you create Rubic NFT contest?

We think that It’s really overhyped at the moment, but we will think about it.

What’s happening between China and Rubic?

We continue to work with them, every week we are doing AMAs in different chats and communities. We work with different media there, and we are trying to inform this community about all news. At the moment almost 35% of Rubic.exchange users are from China.

Do you plan to work with Influencers?

We will work with different influencers. We try to reach tier 1&2 bloggers, and we will complete an influencer campaign after the holidays (May/June).

What are your plans for partnerships?

We are focusing on partnerships and we will continue it. This will help to add more projects to Rubic.exchange and it’s the reason behind creating our Referral Program. We are constantly making contact with different projects, but still great to allow our community to help us reach different projects.

Will you implement Polkadot?

We are waiting for the first parachains. We really like the concept of it. But we need to make sure of its decentralization and only after that, we will make a decision about adding it to Rubic.

Is burn RBC planned for the future?

We are planning to add more features about our tokenomics after the implementation RBC fees to the platform. This also might include the burning of tokens.

Does Rubic really provide lower gas fees than Uniswap?

There are some examples when Rubic allows users to pay fewer gas fees than Uniswap. It was published in our announcements. But for example, you can exchange 1000 USDT to RBC at Rubic.exchange, you can turn off the “optimization” box at Rubic.exchange and see the difference.

What is your sales pitch to the average crypto buyer? Why should you buy RBC and what makes it special?

We are the first multichain DeFi that combines main networks and allows users to complete everything on ONE-PAGE. Our goal is to unite every blockchain at Rubic.exchange, which will have a simple UI, so every type of user would be able to complete any swap on our platform.

Do you have plans to change Rubic’s custom Bridge?

We will continue to work on it. We are planning to add more decentralization, validators, and relay systems.

Will you integrate SushiSwap?

SushiSwap is one of the main priorities for future integration, we will add it soon. But in the future there will be only 1 button to buy at the best rate with our own routing and all existing DEX’s.

Do you have any updates on the restaking/unstaking program?

We will first implement fees for cross-chain before making this program.

What do you say to people that call Rubic just a front-end for Uniswap/1inch?

We have our own routing system, we have cross-chain solutions. And we are not competitors of Uniswap/1inch, because we are the place where our goal is to unite different DEXs and blockchains in one place.


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