03/15 AMA main points

Hello community!

Thanks for watching our AMA session and asking so many great questions.

What the Rubic team has discussed in yesterday’s AMA:

Our plans: Currently, there are 2 main directions of our future development: Layer 2 & Anonymizer and Rubic as a DEX aggregator. We would like to integrate as many DEXes as possible, as well as blockchains with cross-chain swapping abilities.

We are hoping to introduce our Anonymizer solution at the beginning of May/ end of April. We are concerned that people can fork us, but open-source is an important part of the crypto world, so we are ready for that.

All of this will help us to become ONE stop solution for all blockchains’ users.

Marketing: We are constantly reaching out to different influencers and at the moment we are focused on building communities in the USA and China. Our marketing activity in the USA will start this week. We have plans to work with English, Korean, and Chinese influencers. Also, these agencies will help us build communities in these countries.

Listings: Listing will be aligned with marketing campaigns and we will choose the right option after working with the agencies. At the moment we have passed a project review on several exchanges.

Wrapped RBC: BRBC (BEP20-version of RBC) will be launched by the end of March, where users will be able to transfer Rubic tokens from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and back.

UI: Our team understands the importance of UI improvements. At the moment we are completing our refactoring processes and by the end of March, then we will start working on updating UI. To develop a simple and clean UI/UX we will involve designers/artists from our community by introducing a design competition. We plan to implement a new UI in April.

Limit orders: The feature it’s live and working fine, however, we are still making improvements — thank you for your comments & suggestions.

FUD: The FUD campaign was quite creative, we loved hoodiegate. Please be careful and ask the team if you have any questions, suspicions, suggestions — we are here to answer any time.

Project listings on Rubic: This week we will introduce a listing option on Rubic.Exchange. With this form, projects will be able to apply to be listed on our platform after their verification.

Refactoring: We are completing the refactoring process in order to deploy new features faster and create the most convenient experience for our users. This will also help us to collect better statistics data. The refactoring will end at the end of the month.

Integrations: At the moment we are focusing on BSC and Polygon integrations. In the future, we will bring up our next goals, and next week you will be able to see our updated Roadmap.

Also, we need to finish our API to be listed as an exchange at CMC and Coingecko, we plan to do it by the end of April.

Partnerships: We are looking forward to creating more partnerships with different projects. The LINK partnership might be connected with limit orders to get token rates. At the moment we get rates from Uniswap and in the future when additional DEXes/blockchains will be introduced we will contact LINK for a potential partnership

This is a very short summary of what our team discussed during this AMA, to find out more about other topics, please watch the full version here:

Thank you for your precious support!

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